Thompson talks recruiting

Taking the other official visits for Justin Thompson wasn't supposed to be thinking about official visits this early in the year. El Camino was still supposed to be playing. Things change just that fast. El Camino lost last weekend and the first piece of business that Thompson started on the following Monday was thinking about official visits.

It wasn't supposed to happen like this, but Justin Thompson and his Torrance (Calif.) El Camino teammates are out of the playoffs. It's tough for the five-star, defensive end recruit to still talk about the game last weekend.

"Our season is over," Thompson said. "We lost this past Saturday. We played Moore Park. There were a couple of plays that were taken away from us that was crucial. They also came out there and gave us everything they had."

With the season over, it's time to work on school and to finally think about recruiting. Thompson was getting started as soon as he came back to school on Monday.

"I am starting to look at that. I want to talk to my defensive line coach and he can make some calls to where I could take my visits."

Thompson has already taken two trips. He already has a good idea about where the last three trips will go.

"I have been to LSU and Nebraska already. I am thinking that the next three will be to California, Oregon and Oregon State."

The Nebraska visit really opened Thompson's eyes. He liked the team and the school, but there was something that he just couldn't ignore while he was there.

"Nebraska has a great football environment. Their team is a little down this year, but other than that it's a great place."

"It wasn't really my type of environment. When it comes to football and the school it's really the place to be."

The town and other social activities will weigh against Nebraska with Thompson. The Huskers are still in the hunt and still have a lot going for them now and potentially.

"I am still considering them. I don't know if I could get used to that type of city and environment. That's it, really."

"Their coaches and everything keep them high on my list. After the coming coaching changes it might change some things."

One of things that Thompson has thought about with the possible changes in the coaching staff is how the new coaches might treat you. Thompson said that hopefully there will already be a relationship between he and the new coach.

"I know from friends that play division one that when coaching changes happen that the new coaches don't always have your back like the coaches that did recruit you."

"Depending on who the coach is and hopefully it's a coach that has been recruiting me and who I have a relationship with. It's a great school for Simi. It's a great place for a D-End."

If there is a relationship that will for sure be at Nebraska next year for Thompson it will be with another player. Current ELCO defensive end, Simi Kuli, has already committed to be a Husker.

"I was happy for him when he committed there. At the same time, it kind of caught me off-guard for him to commit that early, but it's a great place for him and I am happy for him."

There are always questions about junior college transfers. Thompson's academic status is pretty cut and dry. He won't be able to enroll in the spring, but he will be there early in the summer.

"I am a true sophomore. When I transfer I will have three years to play two. I hope to be able to go to the four year school in about the June timeframe."

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