Eoff All Hog

While some recruits are doubting their future with the Razorbacks there are still players out there like Austin Eoff that admits that he is 100 percent committed in Arkansas.

Austin Eoff, a 6-foot-5, 310-pound offensive lineman from Fort Smith Northside High in Ark., was obviously bummed about the news that Houston Nutt would no longer be running things at Arkansas and would instead be the coach at Ole Miss, but he is not doubting what his future holds.

"I am still 100 perecnt committed no matter what happens," Eoff stated. "I made my commitment to Coach Nutt and Arkansas and I have always been a huge Razorback fan all of my life."

Eoff is hopeful that the other committed recruits feel the same way, but at this point he has only had the opportunity to talk to his good friend Matt Hall.

"I talked to Matt about 10 minutes ago and we were kind of going over it all," Eoff explained.

"I have not had the chance to talk to any of the other recruits yet, but two weekends ago in Little Rock I talked to guys like De'Anthony Curtis, Jim Youngblood, and Chris Gragg and they all talked about staying strongly committed. I feel it will all pretty much stay in tact."

"I sure that whoever they hire is going to be the right fit," Eoff continued on about the new coaching hire. "If they hit a home run that will be great, but if they do not I am sure they will get someone who fits in at Arkansas."

Eoff went on to explian that he had a great senior year on the field and he is ready to take on the college game.

"I improved a lot this season," Eoff informed. "This was the first year I played center, so it was a big change for me, but I feel I played really well."

"Coach Markuson told me that I could probably play tackle, guard, or center on the next level. I am up for whatever helps the team the most."

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