Husker commit meets Osborne for first time

I suppose for any young man who grew up in Nebraska , Tom Osborne is..well, Tom Osborne. All the wins, records and titles have made him as legendary as he is popular. So, to meet him for the first time, that would have to be something special. For Millard North's Sean Fisher, he got his first chance today.

Sean Fisher hadn't met Tom Osborne before today.

Oh, he knew all about him as any young person growing up in the state would. And he's seen him in action for games and watched various interviews. But some say of others that in person they are different than what they thought or perhaps, not quite what they expected.

It wasn't that way with Osborne.

"Well, I always thought of him as this down-to-earth type of person and that's just what he is," Fisher said. "He was just a really nice guy and he came by to reassure me of everything that is going on over there,"

The common belief of those Nebraska commits who hail from inside the Husker state, is that if they committed to the big red, come hell or high water, that's exactly what they are going to stay. For now Fisher feels that way, but like anyone else, he's chomping at the bit for this situation to be done. "Ever since all the questions started coming about coaches maybe getting fired or whatever, other schools have been calling me wondering if I was looking around," he said. "I have told them that I appreciate the interest, but as of right now I am still going to Nebraska. But I would let them know if anything changes."

The "right now" has to due with the obvious issue that like all of us, he has no idea who his future coaches will be. For over a year he got to know the staff that is still there, especially the coaches on the defensive side of the ball.

That's the one side where everyone knows change is coming, and it's expected that most if not all of that group will be gone. That means more than likely, a whole new set of faces to deal with and for Fisher, to get to know. He's sure of his commit, but as you would expect of anyone, he doesn't know yet how he's going to gel with whomever they hire as part of that staff. "Signing day is coming up not real far from now and I obviously want to get to know whoever the next coach is," Fisher said. "I don't know how that's going to go. There's no way I can know. I'm just going to do what I am sure everyone else is doing, and that is hope for the best."

Depending on the recruit you talk to, you are going to hear varied criteria as to why they chose a school or what is important to them about a school they would like to attend. Invariably, the relationships they develop with the coaches are key. Fisher said that there are a lot of reasons why he chose Nebraska , above and beyond the coaches. But the personal relationships with the coaches are obviously significant, too. "It's a combination of things You play for a school obviously and tradition is very important. And you want to be at a place where people are going to get excited about the program," he said. "But at the same time, you are spending five years there and it's really important to have a good comfort level with the coaches you will be playing for during that time."

Just the fact that Osborne is at the proverbial helm right now, Fisher finds at least some comfort. Like most Nebraskans, he has this almost built-in sense of respect for everything Osborne has done. It doesn't mean things will be perfect or that whoever he hires will be the right person for the job. But as Fisher put it, Osborne's past bodes well for Nebraska 's future. "He's just this well-respected icon," Fisher said. "You look at what he's done and you have to trust his judgment. If anyone is going to do what's best for the program, you'd think he would be the guy."

I suppose many think about what they might say or ask if they were to meet Osborne for the first time. Maybe they would ask about going for two in the 1984 Orange Bowl. Maybe they would ask about just what it was like to coach a team which went 60-3 in five years. All the bowls, all the titles and everything he's done – this is someone you could bend the ear of for hours and still not get enough.

Of course, any one of those things are nice, but hardly relevant to Fisher's situation right now. He isn't too concerned with the past. He wants what everyone wants, which is just to realize that this very fluid situation has finally landed on solid ground. So, when he met Osborne for the first time, he didn't flood him with a lot of stuff he thought might be neat to know. "Yeah, I didn't have as many questions as you might think. I basically told him that I still planned on playing my ball there and really, there wasn't a lot else. But it was nice of him to stop by," he said.

Note: Fisher said that Osborne had also been to Elkhorn today to visit Husker recruit, offensive lineman Trevor Robinson.

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