SBOC: Day 3 Notebook

The number of people watching the practices on Tuesday continued to grow all day as both teams had what will probably be the hardest-hitting day of the week.

Coaches seen on Tuesday for the practices include: Clemson, East Carolina, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan State, NC State, North Carolina, South Carolina, Stanford, Vanderbilt, Virginia, Virginia Tech, and Wake Forest.

Devin Taylor is one of the most intruiging players for the South Carolina team as the 6-foot-6 defensive end and tight end from Beaufort is playing outside linebacker this week. However, if a new school were to try and offer the big man it looks like they could be too late.

"I am just looking at Wake Forest, Virginia Tech, Kentucky, and South Carolina," said Taylor who has already taken three visits. "When I take my visit on January 18th to Virginia Tech, then I think I will be able to make my decision after that."

Taylor said he is keeping all the information he takes in from the visits in a notebook to help with his decision, but in the end it will all come down to one thing.

"The visits were all about the same, but overall which one I got the best feel out of the visits is where I will probably go."

Ask around for opinions on where tight end Dwayne Allen will end up playing football, and the answer from college coaches vary. Ask him the question, and the Terry Sanford standout has a quick answer.

"I'm committed to Georgia," said Allen, who said that he knows he is a wanted man. "Everyone is still going after me and I'm going to take all five of my visits."

Allen is not sure where he will go for those visits outside of two that are locked into place.

"Virginia Tech, and I already visited Georgia."

Bruce Taylor committed to Virginia Tech over a year ago, but some rumblings started to come out that the linebacker from Myrtle Beach could be waivering a bit on that commitment.

"I know I am taking my visit to Virginia Tech on the 18th, and I don't know if I am going to take any others after that," said Taylor, who has been rumored to be looking at an in-state school. "I used to like South Carolina when I grew up, but I've been firmly committed since I first committed."

Taylor believes the disinformation started when he visited Columbia to see a few of their games this year.

"I know it is a good school and everything, but they saw me at a couple of games and they thought I had a true interest in coming there instead of just watching some games. But all that's over with.

"I committed early because some people that I've known before that played well but got hurt at the end and all the offers just disappeared. So I just decided to get it out of the way so I could just go out there and play."

The number of college coaches watching Sam Hammond, an offensive lineman from Union County, comtinues to grow every day, but he is still waiting to see the offer list begin to blossom.

"Middle Tennessee, Clemson, Newberry, and South Carolina State, I've got an offer from all of them," said Hammond. "I am still trying to wait after this to see who else is going to talk to me."

Hammond added that he has no official visits set, but he plans to take them in January.

"I know I am going to Middle Tennessee and Clemson and I am not sure about the others."

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