Hunt Gets Big News

The quest to meet freshman entrance requirements take s a little longer for some prospects. Some decide to take the scenic route of prep schools or junior college, while others elect to sit out and take an additional semester to gain eligibility. Mississippi State signee Mike Hunt decided to sit out this fall and attempt to make up one grade.

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"It just all happened for me today (Wednesday)," said an excited Hunt. "I found out that I did good on my course and got the grade I needed to get. I will be in school this January. Everything is being sent into the clearinghouse and it all looks good for me."

Hunt was able to speak with his recruiting coach Rockey Felker about the good news.

"I talked to Coach Felker and he was real excited about it," said Mike. "I will be up there when they come back from the break."

Hunt is most looking forward to being part of the team and getting to know his teammates.

"I talked to my cousin, Jasper (O'Quinn)," said Mike. "I got to call Terrell, Quentin and all the dudes that I signed with and let them know. They have all been waiting on me too."

Hunt has had the advantage of some personal insight from Jasper O'Quinn. The talented O'Quinn has had a breakout year for the Bulldogs and he has prepared Mike for the rigors of college life.

"Jasper has told me that it's way different than JuCo ball," said Hunt. "He said playing on Saturdays is your dessert. He said the hard work is during the week when you practice, study and go to different team meetings. He said the hard work in the weight room shouldn't be a problem for me. I came from a system where we worked hard in the weight room. I should fit right in with all of that."

The talented safety may play strong safety, but may eventually grow into a linebacker. For now Mike is just happy to be a part of it all.

"I am just ready to get up there and hit the weight room hard," said Mike. "I know I will add some more strength and get my speed down when I am up there. All I know is that it's going to be bad for the receivers come spring."

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