Under Armour Thursday Practice: Red Offense

It was a lighter practice for the red team today as the team practiced in sweat pants. There were a lot of reps for the quarterbacks and receivers though as they worked through several different routes.

The quarterbacks started hot and cooled off. Early in the session, Mike Glennon and Landry Jones were rifiling passes into the chests of their receivers so hard that the receivers were having problems catching them.

While Braden Hanson doesn't have the arm strength or quick release of the other two, he had his most accurate day so far.

Later in the session, they were throwing fades and on the run and all three struggled a little more.

The receivers also had a mixed day. As noted above, there were a lot of drops early in the session. In fact, after four straight drops by different receivers, head coach Ron Meyer stopped practice to remind his receivers to catch the ball.

Later, they picked things up. Daryl Stonum made some nice plays in traffic. He had been letting passes get into his body and dropped a few early on. Julio Jones had his best day. He looked healthier today and was going up for passes in the end zone.

Joe Adams rebounded from earlier drops and ended practice with a couple nice grabs, going up high to bring down a few fades. The same goes for Martin Bayless who let a few get to his body early, but was doing a nice job keeping his feet in bounds later in practice.

Brandon Moore was having trouble adjusting to the ball and looking into the sun, but he also ended practice with a couple nice grabs. Tyler Edwards has been one of the best performers here all week and he made a few great catches.

The running backs didn't do a whole ton, but just watching them explode in drills, Jermie Calhoun and Darius Willis have really nice bursts.

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