One, maybe two visits remain

Victor Johnson is one of the top defensive back prospects in the state of Texas this year and the Waco High standout has already taken one visit and has two more scheduled. He may only take one, however. has the latest...

"I've just been working out and getting ready for track season," Victor Johnson. "I didn't get to run my junior year but I did my sophomore year."

Johnson also played in the Offense/Defensive All-America Game earlier this month.

"That was fun," he said. "We had a good secondary for the West. They only completed one short pass on me."

Johnson, 6-foot-1 and 175 pounds, also talked about the latest on the recruiting front.

"I've taken just the one visit to Oklahoma State so far," he said. "I'm going to Oklahoma this weekend. I'm actually waiting for Coach Gundy to come by my house tonight, actually. I like both of those schools a lot. It'll be my first time at Oklahoma so I'm going to scope it out."

Johnson doesn't have a visit scheduled for next weekend, since he plans on taking the test on Saturday. He is scheduled to resume his visits with a February 1 trip to Miami.

"I'm supposed to go to Miami but I don't know yet," he said. "That's just real close to signing day."

Does that mean Johnson plans on making a decision before then?

"No," he said. "I'll probably wait till signing day. I just have to see about Miami. Coach McGriff came by the school earlier this week. We still talk. I've always liked Miami."

With no favorites being singled out, the talented defensive back explained what he'll be looking for.

"I'll go to Oklahoma this week to see how I feel, how I fit in," he said. "Then I'll compare it to Oklahoma State and then if I visit Miami, I'll compare that one. It's all open now."

Inside the classroom, Johnson is hoping to improve his status.

"I'm taking this extra class so bring my GPA up a little," he said. "I need to bring it up like two points with my SAT score now. If I score higher, I won't need as high on the GPA. I'm real close now."

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