Rebels make impact at Hargrave

The Rebels were able to land five players off of the nation's top prep school this year because of the new Ole Miss head coach.

"Coach Nutt has more energy than the energizer bunny," stated the always quotable head coach at Hargrave, Robert Prunty. "That guy is amazing. All I can say is wow!"

Has Hargrave ever sent five players to the same school before?

"Never, I have had four go to the same school, but never five. You have to give Coach Nutt all the credit. He recruited all of those kids. This guy came in, really, I am still trying to see where he got all that energy from. He flat out recruited these kids himself. It was not like he had his assistants coming out here visiting them, calling their parents and myself. No, he did it all. Think about all of the responsibilities he had when he was hired at Ole Miss. It is like a circus when you take over any program, much less a month before signing day. He did it all himself. Houston made a strategic move to get these players to Ole Miss when he was hired, and he pulled it off. I am still shocked. I can honestly say that Coach Nutt did the best job recruiting my kids this year than any coach who has ever been through here in all of my years here. We are not talking about landing young men that are uniform fillers. We are talking about the cream of the crop off of our team. We sent 19 players to the D1 level this year so far, and I suspect there will be another 12 who will go D1 before it is all said and done, and the five that he signed are as talented as anybody we had on our team."

When you start talking about the Hargrave prospects, you always start off with RB Enrique Davis.

"Whoa, special. Everybody in the country wanted him. Enrique has great vision, power, 4.3 speed, and he can run over you, by you, or juke you. He is the total package. Him and Keiland Williams at LSU are the two best running backs I have coached. And that is saying alot, as I have sent over 60 tailbacks to the D1 level. I hate to say this, but he reminds me of another Bo Jackson. He has that same type of ability and has the same body (6' 1", 215)."

CB Julian Whitehead is another player that Coach Prunty thinks will surprise some people.

"Julian is around 5' 9 1/2", 190, and he has elite cover skills. And the thing that will surprise you about Julian is how physical he is. You do not see many corners as physical as that young man. I think he will battle for a starting spot this Spring. I really do. Me and Coach Nutt went over the film of what he has at corner, and then we broke Julian down, and I can honestly tell you that I would be surprised if Julian does not get a starting spot on that squad in the near future. He has a great vertical, and he can come up and give you run support. If he had not missed his senior year because of his (torn) ACL injury, the kid would have been wanted by everyone in the country. Ole Miss got a steal with Julian. I can assure you of that."

SS/OLB Rudy Wilson also impresses Coach Prunty.

"He is a 6' 1", 210 pound head hunter. This kid is just a flat out athlete. He ran a 4.38 at our combine. I suspect he will battle for a spot at outside linebacker for Ole Miss. If he is not starting next season, I suspect he will be playing on special teams. He really could go at OLB or SS, but you are getting a guy who runs a 4.38 and will lay the wood on you. He is very physical. Rudy is still a little raw, but with Coach Nutt's coaching, I suspect he will smooth out the edges with him. And when you look at Rudy, you will say to yourself, that boy looks like he belongs in the SEC. He is well put together."

S Jared Mitchell is also a guy that has unlimited upside.

"Jared comes from great blood lines. His brother is Lionel Mitchell at Alabama and his daddy is Stump Mitchell who played for many/many years. He has that 6' 4" frame and speed that you have never seen. He ran a 4.32 at our combine. Jared is also a little raw because he was a track guy coming out of high school, but he will be a great catch in the future. I think he can battle for a spot at the free safety position."

Another player that Prunty thinks is ready to make an impact right now is WR Andrew Harris.

"Andrew will come into that program and turn heads from day one. He is all of 6' 3 1/2", 215. He first committed to West Virginia. This is a great player, an immediate impact type player. Andrew runs great routes and is very physical. He catches the ball so well too. Andrew has great hands and knows how to catch the ball."

To watch film on all of these players, watch below.

WR Andrew Harris

RB Enrique Davis

CB Julian Whitehead

OLB/SS Rudy Wilson

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