Visit to Georgia works for Bonds

Chris Bonds was in attendance at Georgia's big Junior Day today and he took a minute to speak with Dawg Post's Quentin Grant about the experience.

Quentin Grant: What all did you do today at Georgia?

Chris Bonds: When we first got their Coach Richt spoke to the whole group, and then the strength trainer spoke with all of us. We got to see the dorms and the academic center. They explained to how all of the athletes had tutors.

We also got to meet and talk to Matthew Stafford and Mohamed Massaquoi. They spoke about a typical day for a Georgia football player, and how they are usually in study hall by seven and then on to class by nine or ten. Class is usually over by two and then they are on to practice until around seven at night. It was very interesting to hear about their day. They also told us how if you got the bulk of your classes done in your first couple of years and make good grades then you will get to sleep later during your last couple of years at Georgia.

QG: What coaches did you get to speak to individually?

CB: I talked to Coach Fabris during lunch because he was seated at our table. We ate dinner at the student/athlete dining hall which was really nice. He spoke to us about what he looked for in an athlete which I found interesting. He said he likes to see players who have a bad case of "the wants" and he just doesn't accept mediocrity, which stuck out to me.

I liked it because I'm not the type of player who wants to be normal. My goals are to be the very best I can be. Coach Fabris was very honest and told me the bottom line was that if I wanted to come to come to Georgia, or if I wanted to go somewhere else then I should do what is best for me. I think all of the coaches play a very fatherly role in the players lives and their honesty was something I thought very highly of.

What did you enjoy most about your visit?

I was very impressed with the campus and the staff in general, but I was most impressed with Coach Richt. He's a very cool guy, and he isn't the cocky guy you would think he would be. He's very down to earth and not a guy who wears his rings to show off his accomplishments. If you didn't know he was a head coach prior to meeting him you would have no idea because he ‘s just a normal guy.

What schools are you hearing from right now?

I'm hearing from a lot of schools but the main ones are Georgia, Southern Cal, South Carolina, Alabama and LSU.

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