Spencers Happy to be Green

Donald Spencer made his verbal commitment to Michigan State on Saturday. No one was happier for Donald than his father, Donald Spencer Sr. We caught up with Mr. Spencer to see why his son made the early commitment and if he is done with his recruitment.

Scout.com got ahold of Donald Spencer Sr this morning to talk about his son Donald Jr.'s commitment to Michigan State yesterday.

"Basically, he liked the feel of campus, of the coaching staff, the program and the direction they're going. He's been to various other schools, he's been to Indiana, Illinois and we're just looking for people and how they treat people. At MSU, it was more of a family atmosphere and he felt really comfortable with coaching staff. I feel good because they're about their word. They say something, that's what they're going to do. They will instill discipline in Donald, that's what I do with him and that's what they do up there."

In addition to the level of comfort, the proximity to home was definitely a plus to the a tight knit family like the Spencers.

"They have everything in place to make him successful and to get his degree. It's also close enough to home that if I need to or his mom get to him, we can get to him."

The 6'2, 192-lb Spencer played on both sides of the ball for Braves. However, conventional thought was that he would be an offensive player in college, but according to his father, that might be a done deal.

"He'll likely be a wide receiver. They like him on the other side of the ball as a safety, he wants to be a WR, but I told him if he doesn't maintain his speed or work on it, you might end up on defensive side of ball. But we're doing everything to make sure he'll be successful as a wideout. He'll be working out with Stan Edwards this summer."

Of course with early commitments, the question always arises as to whether or not the recruit will waver as more schools come after them. Donald Jr. has an offer from Indiana already and has indicated that offers may be coming from other Big Ten schools, but he is solidly green and white.

"He's been offered by MSU," Mr. Spencer said, "he accepted and the only camp we'll go to is MSU. We are not going to other schools to get more offers, now he says he's solid on MSU and he doesn't want to go anywhere else, it's a done deal. The only official visit he will take is MSU unless something comes up out of the blue that is a dream of his."

Of course, the early commitment also relives many of the recruiting burdens that can be tough on these young men as the process heats up.

"As far as he tells me, he just loves it. He didn't expect the first offer to come so soon and when it did come, he was ready to jump on it. He's been around football, I'm a coach, he knows what football is all about, what the academics can be about. Now that's the main thing is to focus on academics, concentrate on grades, there will be no pressure on him this summer about getting scholarships and losing scholarships. He's in a good position, I'm happy with it and not everybody's going to like his decision, but we aren't worried about other people."

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