Warford a good fit for UK

Larry Vaught goes one-on-one with Paul Warford, and discusses the commitment of Paul's cousin, Larry Warford to the Kentucky football program. Paul feels that Larry will be a "great fit" at Kentucky.

Until his cousin moved back to Richmond last year, Paul Warford really didn't know Larry Warford all that well.

However, the Kentucky cornerback knows plenty about his younger cousin now and is glad that Larry Warford, a junior at Madison Central, has already verbally committed to sign with the Wildcats in February.

"He is pretty shy to be so big.," Paul Warford said of his 6-4, 320-pound cousin. "He is a funny guy when he gets around family or gets comfortable with you. Basically, he is just a big kid. There is not a mean bone in his body. I am sure if you get him mad enough, he can be mean. But just playing around, no. He is just a big teddy bear.

"I just got to really know him this year when he moved back down here. It has been fun getting to know him and having a new cousin to be around. I didn't really know that side of my family that well, so it is really going to be neat to have him come up here."

Larry Warford lived briefly in Richmond during his junior high years before moving to California. However, last summer he moved back to Kentucky and his early commitment to UK was no surprise to Paul Warford.

"It did not surprise me at all. I had been talking to him and he said he wanted to go here. I knew before most people, including his Dad, that he was going to come here," Paul Warford said.

So will he be a good fit for Kentucky?

"He will be a great fit. He is way more mature than he should be as far as his footwork and everything. I think he will do fine here," Paul Warford said. "He is 6-4, 320 and he is strong, too. I don't think he realizes how strong he is.

"Sometimes we will be wrestling around and he will just throw us around. He can toss me around and handle me pretty well, and I am not that weak. He's a big, strong kid — the kind you have to have to win in the SEC."

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