TE's look good at Florida 7 on 7 event

Orson Charles looks like a big time player on film and last Sunday at the New Level Athletics/Scout.com 7 on 7 Tournament, he looked like he's a big time prospect in person as well. Charles was one of several standout tight ends at the event.

Orson Charles is a big time player. He might not be your ideal 6-5 guy but the kid can flat out play. He got better as the day went along and was at his best in the championship game. You often hear the term "gamer" being thrown around. Well, Charles is your man. The kid plays with lots of energy and intensity and can flat out catch the ball and take over a game. He's so smooth and clearly showed everyone that he's a definite four-star kid with all the tools to be a difference maker at the college level. There isn't a better tight end prospect in Florida and it's hard to imagine there being much better nationally.

While Charles was the most impressive tight end prospect at the event, there were plenty others who will be major Division 1 prospects this year.

One of the teams features two talented tight end prospects - Paul Freedman and Ryan Hall. Okeechobee head Coach Chris Branham, who coached Florida Team 4, talked about them.

Paul Freedman

"I loved having both of those tight ends," he said. "We don't use the tight end here (at Okeechobee) and I realized that with these guys, they can be such major threats since they can get open so much. The taller kid (Freedman) created a lot of mismatches for us. He's a big kid who ran well and just did a nice job for us. (Hall) really impressed me as well. He made a lot of catches for us all day. He catches the ball with his hands real well and he actually caught every touchdown in our only win. He emerged as sort of like a go to guy. When he's finished growing into his body, he's going to make someone a really nice player at the next level."

Ryan Hall

Team New England had a strong day and no one was more impressive catching the ball for them than Mark Harrison. At 6-foot-4 and a little over 200 pounds, he hasn't finished growing into his body but he runs very well, catches the ball with soft hands, and just seemed to have a way of finding holes in the opposing defenses. He definitely looked like a Division 1 tight end prospect. Being frok Connecticut, the competition isn't anything like it is down here in Florida but Harrison clearly emerged as one of the top tight ends at this event.

Mark Harrison

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