LDS Athlete from Nevada Talks BYU

Silverado High School in Nevada possesses a few football players that are gaining a lot of interest from Pac-10, WAC and MWC football programs. This past week, many coaches from those conferences have been down to Silverado to talk to the coaches about these athletes.

One of these athletes happens to be Mike Wadsworth, who just received a scholarship offer - his first - from Arizona recently.

"Right now I'm 6-1, 185-pounds and my bench max is around 255," said Wadsworth. "Right now my squat is at 365 and we just maxed out this last week, and my power clean is 235. When I went up to the Nike Combine I jumped a 29 for my vertical, but I've jumped a 34 before."

Wadsworth plays on both sides of the ball, as well as on special teams, for the Silverado Hawks.

"I play cornerback, running back, receiver, and I return the kicks on the punts," said Wadsworth. "As a return man, I'm very elusive and just try to get through the holes. I had four returns for touchdowns last season."

Wadsworth received recognition for his accomplishments on the football field.

"I was named a First-Team All-Conference [member] as a cornerback," Wadsworth said. "I was First-Team All-Region DB and then First-Team All-State for kick return."

Wadsworth had nine total touchdowns last season, including four rushing touchdowns, one receiving touchdown, and four punt return touchdowns. Next season he anticipates once again contributing at numerous positions.

"We have a good sophomore running back coming up, so I'll be splitting time with him this up-and-coming season," said Wadsworth.

"When he's in at running back I'll be playing receiver to try and create some mismatches with me on the linebackers to get me in open space to see what I can do. I think I had 14 catches for 155 yards last season. At the running backs position, I didn't get as many touches because we had the number-one running back [Telvin McMillin] in the state last year, but I think I averaged around five or six yards per carry."

Although Wadsworth plays a bevy of positions, he believes his future at the college level lies with one position in particular.

"I'm hoping I play cornerback at the college level because I like playing on the defensive side of the ball," said Wadsworth. "I think it's more my natural position. I like being more physical and being able to hit people. I like to jam people and try to get them on the ground a little bit."

Wadsworth's athleticism doesn't just stop with the football field; he is also a member of his high school's track and basketball teams.

"My fastest time is a 10.9 in the 100x, so that's not too bad," said Wadsworth. "I also compete in the high jump too. I jump a 5'10" on that.

"On my basketball team I usually play the [small forward and power forward positions]. We have a small team and usually just try to run the floor."

But football is Wadsworth's main sport, and he is receiving quite a few letters from various colleges. Many college recruiters have paid a visit to his high school to speak to his head coach about him over the past month, with more recruiters scheduled to come in soon.

"Stanford's been down here and [so has] UCLA," said Wadsworth. "I just got my first offer a couple of weeks ago from Arizona. Today we had USC, Oregon and Washington State come in too.

"I'm getting letters mostly from the Pac-10 and Mountain West schools like BYU, Utah, San Diego State and UNLV. I've also been getting a lot of letters from WAC schools too like Boise State and Hawaii."

Wadsworth is very familiar with BYU, as his family used to live in Utah.

"I really like BYU and I've grown up right down the street from the university," said Wadsworth. "I lived in Provo since I was eight years old, I believe. My dad was called to be a mission president for the LDS Church, so that moved us down here to Nevada. It's kind of crazy because we get a lot of missionaries over to our house all the time. It's been a great experience because I get to vibe with all the missionaries all the time, and I'm going to be serving a mission one day, so it's a good opportunity for me to learn and know more of what it's about. My parents' calling actually ends in July, but I'm going to be staying down here to finish up my senior year."

During the summer, Wadsworth plans on making a trek back up to his former home state to attend a BYU Junior Day, as well as a BYU summer camp. However, he is already very favorable towards to Cougar program.

"I like BYU as a program because they demand high standards both on and off the field," said Wadsworth. "The entire program holds itself to a higher standard and I would like to surround myself with kids that have good principles and good morals like mine. So me and my parents would like to do that because it would be a good environment for me, and they have a great coaching staff and have been doing really well the past couple of years."

Indeed, Wadsworth has had conversations with his parents concerning the not-so parentally approved things that often occur among football players at the college level. The lure of BYU and what the college and football program stand for is very attractive to his mission-president father and his mother.

"My parents and I talk about it a lot," said Wadsworth. "They would like me to go there because you know how parents are, they worry about that kind of stuff."

A member of BYU's coaching staff will be down to Silverado High School to talk with the head football coach this month.

"I've been emailing Coach Tidwell and I called him the other day," said Wadsworth. "They said they watched my film and that they were very excited about it, but he also said they want to see me in camp. I'll be going down there to their camp this summer and hopefully they like what they see."

As previously mentioned, Wadsworth received an offer from the Arizona Wildcat coaches.

"When they offered me, I was kind of surprised, but I was also very excited," Wadsworth said. "I talked to their coach and he seemed really cool."

The Wildcat coaching staff has also offered Wadsworth's close friend and fellow teammate Keenan Graham, who plays defensive end for the Hawks.

"It's exciting to know that we can both go to the same school and play together, so I was every excited when I got the offer," said Wadsworth.

Wadsworth is hoping that more scholarship offers are on the horizon.

"Now that I got an early offer from Arizona, I'm hoping that kind of gets the ball rolling really quickly for me," Wadsworth said. "It's a really good thing that they offered me. They're a Pac-10 school and that's a really good thing."

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