Mother on mind for OL Josh Tatum

The 6' 6", 330 pound Ole Miss signee was on cloud 9 after signing day, but the offseason has not been kind.

"We think my mom has cancer. She is getting tested on May 16th. She is having a colonoscopy that day, and we should know the results that day. All I can do is sit here and pray," added Josh Tatum. "Mom has been in so much pain. This has been really tough on all of us, but it is something we are just going to have to get through. We are just keeping our fingers and toes crossed that the news comes back good, but we are expecting for the worst."

His mother's status could alter his arrival plans at Ole Miss.

"If she comes back clean, then I will report to Ole Miss on May 27th, pending I have all of my school work completed. If not, then I am going to stay with her for another month and report to Ole Miss in late June. I will need an extra month to be with her and help her out."

The offseason has had several other setbacks.

"I actually had surgery four or five weeks ago. I had some torn cartilage and they got it fixed. I am just going to school, working out, and trying to get ready to get to Ole Miss."

Before Tatum reports to Ole Miss, he has to finish up some school work.

"School is going great. I am graduating on May 22nd. I am real excited about that. I am just trying to finish strong this last semester, and I will be good to go. The seniors last day was this past Friday, but I am doing some extra credit in Spanish and Chemistry so I will not be done until late next week. I scored a 17 on the ACT test, which means I need a 2.5 GPA. Right now, I am right at a 2.5 GPA, but I want to pull up my GPA as high as I can to make sure I clear the clearinghouse. When I get done with Spanish and Chemistry, I should be well over a 2.5."

Right now, Tatum's goals are pretty obvious.

"First of all, I just want my mother to be OK. Everything else is secondary. To say I am pretty stressed out right now is an understatement. It has been really painful to see my mom go through this. I just want to take what ever is wrong with her and put it in me so she will be OK but I can't. I am pretty emotional right now, but I am going to get through this. Next, I want to finish strong in school, so I can get to Ole Miss as soon as possible. And lastly, I just want to represent Ole Miss, my team, and the state of Mississippi as well as I can. Those are my goals right there."

Don't worry Josh, you have already represented yourself and your school in the highest manner one can. God bless and there will be thousands of prayers sent to you and your family.

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