Choice Becomes Cloudier for Schofield

Michael Schofield's offer list is beginning to read like a list of the nation's most prestigious programs. Having just received a series of new offers, Schofield yesterday picked up three more and all from BCS conference schools.

It might not exactly be a "Prison Break," for Orland Park Sandburg's Michael Schofield, but it appears as though the floodgates have opened as the he has received a rush of offers in the past week.

"Michael picked up three offers on Thursday," his father reported, "Notre Dame, Purdue and Penn State, giving him 17 offers as of today."

Just last week, Schofield had been extended offers from Oregon, Cincinnati, Colorado and Virginia. Having earlier said he would like to make an August decision, the recent offers have made things harder on the 6'6, 270-lb tackle.

"It makes it a lot harder to make a final decision," Michael said, "all these schools that are offering me are all really good schools, so each one that comes makes it that much harder."

Schofield was able to speak with each of the newly offering teams yesterday as he steadily received calls throughout the day telling him of the respective staffs' decisions to offer him.

"I was pretty excited about Penn State," he said, "I talked to Coach VanderLinden before and he said he was going to suggest to the other coaches that they offer me. He said they were going to offer me. I'm going to try to visit there, my dad works a lot so it's pretty hard, but we'll work it out somehow."

As for the Fighting Irish, he said, "I called my recruiting coach, Coach Ianello and he handed the phone to Coach Weiss. He asked how my day was going, I said it was good, he said it was going to get a lot better because we're going to offer you. Then I talked to the offensive line coach (John Latina), so I talked to all three. I've already been there once to see the campus and a practice and stuff."

The last team to offer, Purdue, is just one of the Big Ten teams after Schofield. He has offers from several schools in the conference and may be adding one soon.

"Wisconsin called me, they want to see me in person because they haven't had a chance to see me yet."

Schofield says he does not have any favorites at this point in time.

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