First BCS Offer for Stepp

Jordan Stepp went on a roll during combine season. Putting up impressive results everywhere he went, it was only a matter of time before the offers began rolling in. Just yesterday, he received BCS offer number one and appears to be on his way to a few more.

It was only a few weeks ago that Jordan Stepp blew the doors off the Under Armour/ combine in Cincinnati. While not allowed to attend the combine, the nearby Bearcats were one of the teams who have been recruiting Stepp and yesterday, extended an offer his way.

"I called Coach Coombs and he said they are offering me," Stepp said, "I have not been to campus but I've been to Cincinnati a few times. I'm really interested. I'm trying to visit there this Saturday, we're trying to work something out. I'm super excited, I hear the facilities are amazing."

The 6'0, 280-lb Stepp already had offers from Ball State, Northern Illinois and Central Michigan. The Bearcats are the first BCS conference school to extend a scholarship offer, but he is heading on the road soon to make sure it is not his last.

"I think I'm close with Iowa," he reported, "it's just a matter of camping there. Possibly Indiana too and maybe Minnesota, but they've offered four defensive linemen so I'm not as sure as I was."

Recently, a close friend and fellow blue chip recruit got the ball rolling for Stepp to head into ACC country.

"I'm actually going to Georgia Tech with Jordan Luallen," Stepp said, Luallen, a Yellowjacket commit played against Stepp last year, noticed his talent and wants him on his team.

"They contacted me a few weeks ago through the Luallens," Stepp continued, "I'm going to go with them to camp on June 14th and there is a good chance I can get offered."

After that Stepp says he will head back to Cincinnati for their camp, which immediately follows the Yellowjackets.'

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