What Position?

After Brookville High's first three games this past fall, receiver Logan Thomas only touched the football two times.

Something had to change.

"I knew it was coming," junior Logan Thomas said. "I just didn't know when."

As a sophomore, the 6-foot-6, 225-pound Lynchburg, Va., product introduced himself to the national recruiting scene with 54 receptions going for over 900 yards and eight touchdowns. While doing that, during the week in practice, Thomas also worked as the team's backup quarterback.

Come game four of this past season, Thomas' prep career as a pass catcher came to an abrupt end.

"I figured the best athlete on the field needs to touch the ball more than twice," Brookville head coach Jeff Woody said. "We went with the pro-set I offense, and with that we also ran a spread offense with four wides."

Brookville also started winning again. With Thomas at the controls, Brookville turned a 2-3 start into a 9-4 finish. The season came to an end in the state semifinals, with Thomas throwing for 1,150 yards and 13 scores, while adding another 600 yards and eight touchdowns on the ground.

"I wasn't really excited about the change, but I knew it was best for the team," Thomas said.

It sure was.

"He is a smart kid, makes the right decisions and makes my job easy," Woody said. "He'll sometimes change the play at the line of scrimmage. Six times that play went for touchdowns. And that's a tribute to him. He knows what to look for, can change the play and feel confident in doing that. We give him the option to audible at the line of scrimmage.

"I think after colleges come to watch and he produces at quarterback, more schools are going to see him as a quarterback. He has good speed, ran a 4.5 40, and that's improving. This is the first year he ever ran track, and he was a state qualifier in the 300 hurdles, 110 hurdles, high jump, and he throws the discus."

While that may be true, most college programs recruiting Thomas, see Scout.com's top-ranked tight end prospect as an h-back.

However, Notre Dame isn't sure. Last week, the Irish became the 16th program to offer the four-star Thomas a scholarship.

"It was just a surprise to me," Thomas said. He also holds scholarship offers from the likes of Auburn, Clemson, Tennessee, Virginia, Virginia Tech and West Virginia. "I wasn't expecting it to come. I saw the area code on my phone and I said I don't know who this is. I answered the phone and he said it's coach (Ron) Powlus. I'm thinking, I think this is the guy from Notre Dame, and he said coach Weis wants to talk to you. I was excited to see it come."

Weis and Thomas chatted for a few minutes.

"He said, I'm not real sure where we're going to play you. You can play many different positions. We're just going to have to look deeper and see."

Thomas was also Brookville's leading tackler this past season, racking up 117 stops with seven coming for loss and three interceptions. Some schools have mentioned linebacker and safety.

"I've heard most of the colleges that have come in here like him as an h-back," Woody said. "A guy that can play slot receiver and they can move him anywhere they want to in the formation. He is very gifted size wise. He is 6-5, 225 with the opportunity to put on 40 pounds easily. He is probably around 6-6 if you ask me, and he has a size 18 shoe. You shake his hand, and his hand wraps around yours three or four times over. He is a big kid and has room to grow."

If you ask Thomas, he has dreams of catching touchdown passes on the next level.

"I'll do my quarterback stuff, but I'll be running and getting stronger," he said. "I'll be practicing tight end some when I'm not playing quarterback."

"He wants to catch the football," Woody added. "He wants to be an offensive player. He wants to contribute anywhere he can. He is one of those guys, he'll do whatever the coach tells him, coach what do you want me to do. But behind the scenes, I think he wants to catch the football, he wants to be a wide receiver."

Thomas is far from figuring out what school he wants to attend, claiming no favorites. He doesn't know much about Notre Dame at this juncture.

"Other than great tradition, they always got games on TV," Thomas said. Powlus has been by the school and been in touch with Woody a couple times. "They're a powerhouse team."

Already selected as an Army All-American, Thomas has put no timetable on when he's going to make a college decision. Just whenever the time is right he said.

This month, Thomas will be making trips to Virginia Tech, Wake Forest and Virginia. As far as visiting Notre Dame for the first time, Thomas isn't sure with the offer coming last week. He hasn't been able to put much thought into it.

"What I'm looking for in a school is a place I can see myself being at for four years," Thomas said. He has a 3.4 GPA. "A good academic school as well. A good football program. Everybody wants to win."

And with Thomas at quarterback this coming fall, Brookville plans on doing a lot of that.

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