Clayton Moore takes in OM 3 Day camp

One of the country's top quarterbacks had been anticipating the Ole Miss camp for quite some time now. The Rebel staff informed the All-State signal caller out of Louisville (MS) that they wanted to see him up close at their camp before making a final decision on an offer. How did it go?

"I thought I performed well," added Clayton Moore. I thought I did pretty well."

What new did the 6' 2", 205 pound signal caller learn at the camp?

"Sometimes when I am out of the pocket, I do not bend my knees enough. I get locked and my throws get hot. My right shoulder will dip down some, and my throws sail on me. That was the main thing."

What positives did the Ole Miss staff point out?

"They liked my arm strength. They liked me a lot. They liked how I throw the ball. They were very impressed with my arm strength. Going by film, they said they were impressed with my toughness, leadership skills, and my mechanics throwing the ball. They said I looked a lot better live than I did on film throwing the ball."

Clayton Moore
talks with Coaches Nutt and Austin during private workout

Moore arrived this morning and threw with the rest of the campers but this afternoon he had a private workout in front of Coaches Nutt and Kent Austin.

"They just had me go through a series of throws that they use in their offense, like the post, come back, hitch, curls, all of that stuff."

After the workout, Clayton discussed his status with the Ole Miss coaches.

"They said they really liked me and told me all the things I did well. That is what makes it so confusing. I did well, and they said they liked me. The way they were talking, it was like I had a scholarship. I do not know. I am just confused to be honest. It was kind of implied that they were going to wait on me to make a final decision (if he is 100% sure he wants to be a Rebel) before offering me. I do not know if they wanted me to commit on the spot or what. I did not know what to say?"

How did Moore respond back?

"I just let it go. I have no clue where I want to go right now. Even if they would have come out and flat out said I had an offer today, I probably would still have not committed. I am going to go to a bunch of camps and I am trying to get a feel for everyone. But I wanted to know where I stood with them so I could start narrowing it down. They want me to come back in July (26th) for their Sr camp and go from there, but I do not think I can wait that long. I will probably have my mind made up by then. Maybe they saw somebody else they liked better. I do not know? I feel like I am wanted a lot more by a few other schools that I would rather not name. You have to go where you are wanted but I am going to keep an open mind about Ole Miss until I talk to them again and try and get a few of my questions answered."

Clayton has now camped at the Elite 11 Camp in Oregon, South Carolina, Ole Miss, and is headed to Kentucky on Friday and Tennessee on Saturday. He also plans to go to Louisville and possibly Penn State on June 20th and would also like to go to FSU at some point.

Moore has been offered by Louisville, Pitt, Iowa, Virginia Tech, Wisconsin, Kansas, Indiana, New Mexico State, Nebraska, Oklahoma State, USM, East Carolina and several more.

The 6' 2", 205 pound signal caller led his team to the State Championship as a junior and had over 4, 000 yards of offense and 42 TD's.

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