Coffey enjoys Nebraska visit

Nebraska is hitting Texas hard and on Tuesday they played host to Jesse Coffey. Coffey, a 6-foot-7 and 260-pound offensive tackle from Denton (Texas) Guyer make it up to Nebraska on his summer tour. It seems that the trip to Nebraska will be the last that he makes for now, so how did the visit to Nebraska go?

Jesse Coffey ended his summer tour on a high note in Lincoln after a good visit. The 6-foot-7 and 260-pound offensive tackle from Denton (Texas) Guyer found out a lot about Nebraska.

"It went great," Coffey said. "We found out a lot about the school. Seems like a really good school."

One thing that Coffey was looking to do was get a good look at the academics. Coffey said that Nebraska's were right among the top with what he has seen so far.

"Oh yeah, I was very impressed with the academics. It surpasses just about every place that I have been."

Also right at the top was Nebraska's facilities. Coffey noticed that the space is functional and that everything is conveniently close to the weight room.

"They are state of the art. It's the best I have seen. There is no wasted space. They have a good sized weight room and the utilize it. Very functional.

"Everything is right next to one thing. There aren't just 20 extra racks lying around. That takes up space. All of that and everything is so close by."

Coffey also wanted to begin the relationship with the Nebraska coaches. He hasn't had a chance to talk to the Nebraska coaches a lot, but got that opportunity today.

"I spoke to Coach Bo Pelini and Coach Barney Cotton for almost an hour. They are both very good coaches, especially the head coach.

"With his reputation you might think that he could be a little big-headed or a little short with recruits. He doesn't try to sell you anything. He's straight forward."

Coffey admitted that it was a relief to hear a coach just be honest. "It's always nice when a recruiting coach is being straight forward with you. You need to be able to separate propaganda from the truth and fact."

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