Schofield in the Midst of Big Ten Tour

Five schools in two weeks, that's what Michael Schofield is about to accomplish as the Orland Park (IL) lineman is about to finish up with his early summer visits. Luckily for Schofield, he has been visiting schools in the Midwest, namely the Big Ten as he has taken three Big Ten visits in the last few days and has one more planned for this week.

Schools love the way Orland Park Sandburg offensive tackle Michael Schofield moves on film. His quick feet and ability to get to the second level are two of the reasons he has accumulated the impressive offers list he has today. This week, a few schools have to like how he and his family moved this week, specifically, Iowa, Purdue, Michigan, the three schools they have most recently been to.

First was Iowa, where the Schofields were on Friday. "We got the campus tour and got to see all the facilities," Michael said, "I talked to coaches and talked to a professor. The campus is cool, it's kind of spread out and I kind of like that, it was good."

Schofield also received a brief history lesson on Iowa Hawkeye football, in particular, their lineage of linemen and the success they have had putting them in the pros.

"They told me a lot about how they have had a lot of linemen go to the NFL. They had a bunch go one year, I think they had five in one year."

After returning home from Iowa, Michael and his family took only a couple days off and then were back at again as they headed to West Lafayette to check in with the Purdue Boilermakers.

"I was there on Monday," he said, "I did same thing as Iowa, saw the campus and all that stuff and I got to see the stadium."

From there it was up to Ann Arbor, where Schofield had been a couple weeks earlier for the BBQ at the Big House. That time was a little less formal though and he got to see more of Michigan this time around.

"This time I got the campus tour and I got to see the academic building, it's a really nice building," he said, "I met the academic advisor and the strength and conditioning coach. I got to talk to him, he's pretty nice, we got to know him, he showed us what kind of lifts they do, it was different from a lot of schools. I liked that part of it. They talked about how I would fit in their offensive scheme, they said they need athletic tackles and I'm athletic on film."

Again, the Schofields will take only a two day rest before hopping back on the road. They had been to Notre Dame the week before, but this Friday, they will complete their visits with their fourth Big Ten school in a row.

"I'm going to Wisconsin Friday and then I'll be done and after theses visits, I'll pretty much have narrowed it down," he reported.

The Badgers are one of the few Midwest schools who have not offered Schofield, although that is likely to change once he makes it to Madison. "They called me during May and they said we want to offer you but we've never seen you in person yet."

Schofield has also received recent offers from schools like Oregon, Miami and Colorado, but with all these recent Midwest visits, one could easily reach the conclusion that he wants to stick close to home.

"Kind of," he responded when asked if location was a factor, "I want my parents and family to be able to come see me, that would be big for me and I like Big Ten, it is a good league."

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