Mershman a Cardinal

With several offers from Mid American Conference schools and heavy interest from others, Aaron Mershman made his decision to play his college ball at Ball State.

Aaron Mershman made the call at 5 pm tonight that really got the already stellar Ball State Class of 2009 rolling.

"I called Coach Brady Hoke tonight at 5," Aaron said. "He was very happy and so was his wife."

Aaron, a 6-2 190 QB from Bowling Green, OH made his decision over several Mid American Conference schools including Central Michigan and Western Michigan as well as on going interest from North Carolina State.

"The whole way through, I was comfortable with Ball State," Aaron said. "I went to Western Michigan last week and I just didn't feel it, so I was down to Ball State and Central. I just felt better with Ball State. I really like Coach Stan Parrish. He is an intense guy and I feel he will really motivate me to be my best."

Also factoring in on the decision was the offense that Ball State runs, especially when compared to Central's spread offense.

"I'm not a fleet of foot guy really," Aaron said. "I can run when I need to and I take off a lot in high school, but that probably won't happen a lot in college. I don't run like (Dan} Lefevour. I am more of a drop back guy like Nate Davis. I really like Ball State's offense. I can get bigger, faster and stronger and be able to run a little more in an offense like Centrals, but it would be easier to learn and feel comfortable in an offense I already fit into like Ball State's and THEN get bigger, faster and stronger to really excell in that offense."

So with his biggest decision of his football career out of the way, what is on the plate next for Mershman.

"I am really looking forward to Coach (Jeff) Hecklinski getting back in the office from vacation," Aaron said. "Because I really want to help recruit this class of 2009. As a quarterback, I feel that is part of my responsiblities. I am excited to be playing in the future with Jacob Green and he really helped in recruiting me. So I want to help make this a truly awesome Class of 2009 for Ball State especially on the offensive side of the ball."

Stay tuned to as we follow Aaron's senior year.

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