Agemy Has Priorities Straight

Dearborn Fordson defensive lineman Jamal Agemy has had a nice summer full of impressive camp performances. However, when you ask him what his biggest accomplishment was this summer, he'll almost certainly tell you it was the academic strides he made. He talked about that and his recent trip to Grand Valley State in this recruiting update.

Jamal Agemy recently left a weight room session I was at to go grab a piece of paper from his backpack. From the excited way he walked on and then back in, I expected the slip to be a scholarship offer or maybe a letter from a BCS school. What it turned out to be was an indication of how far Agemy has come; it was a summer school report card showing A's and B's.

"My main priority is grades, that has been my downfall," he said, "As a freshman, I was on top of my game. I had nine sacks in one game and set the school record, so I got moved up to JV for two games, then I moved up to varsity and I let it go to my head, I was no longer being the person I was and am now. I learned from my mistakes and I continued to do right and I'm staying humble."

The 6'1, 260-lb Agemy can play defensive tackle or defensive end and has been recruited by several different programs, but has yet to receive that elusive first offer.

"I've heard from Grand Valley State, Toledo, Michigan called me. They said my grades would be an issue but they'll keep their eye on me. I've heard from Bowling Green (where teammate Ali Alaboody just committed) and the coaches like me there."

Even with those schools interested, Agemy is still frustrated by the lack of attention he has received.

"Nobody's talked about an offer and that's been bugging me," he confessed, "people just say they're interested, but nobody's said that big "o" word."

Just this past Friday, Agemy and his Fordson teammates came up to Allendale for the Lakers' summer camp. Coming into the camp, he had been familiar with the school saying, "Coach Walker (Walker Zaban, Fordson's head coach), told me about them, he went there. My dad told me about it and I met Coach Brown at the Sound Mind Sound Body camp and at MSU."

Agemy enjoyed his visit, stating, "I like the program." He and his teammates were very impressed by the new indoor facility which will be debuting this fall and actually being inside the building left him in disbelief.

"I never knew they had something like that, I was amazed," Agemy admitted, "It was super nice. I've been to Michigan, Michigan State, Bowling Green and I've never seen anything like it. It was just amazing to me. I mean, they're a D2 school and there are a lot of D1 schools who don't have something that nice. It was sick."

Agemy was also impressed by his initial meeting with Lakers head coach Chuck Martin.

"He was real cool and real personable," Agemy reported, "he's someone I'd be interested in playing for. He was real down to earth and he was joking with me and that's great when a coach can joke and have fun in that environment. He has a great personality."

Of course, before he can get too excited about any colleges, Agemy has to take care of business in the classroom, which he is doing currently. He says his grade point average will be fine after these summer courses and in two practice ACT tests, he has scored a 20 and a 21. With that in line, he will soon be able to turn more of his focus back to football, getting in the weight room more and starting to look at possible college destinations and Allendale will be one of the places on that list.

"I should be going up there for a game," he said, adding that he even has a solution if the distance becomes a problem, "If not, I'll come down to the Wayne State game and be on the Grand Valley side."

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