Hopgood likes Huskers

At just 5-foot-11 and 185-pounds, you wouldn't expect a receiver with that size to say that they are good blockers or even look forward to that job. This isn't your typical receiver though. A converted quarterback from Cincinnati (Ohio) Princeton, Hopgood says that he just sees the field a little differently because of that quarterback background. He's up to four offers with one from Nebraska.

The summer is about over. Fall camps will be starting over the next couple of weeks and Jordan Hopgood says that he has been busy. The 5-foot-11 and 185-pound receiver from Cincinnati (Ohio) Princeton has been working hard.

"It's been alright," Hopgood said. "It's gone fast. I have been working on my route running the most this summer. I am just trying to make all my routes cleaner.

"We all meet up at the school and throw a little bit. That helps us work on our hands. Then, we work on routes really all day long after that."

Besides working, Hopgood has taken a trip, taken in a couple of camps and also went to a combine where he performed pretty well against some of the top talent from the area.

"I went down to Louisville. I went to the Toledo and Ohio State camps. I also did the Scout.com combine. The combine was against the best of the best.

"The broke out a lot of free stuff and a lot of the top players decided to attend. It made it a lot of fun. I actually did really good against the best at their positions."

As a receiver, it's not typical to hear that they block well when asked about their strengths. Hopgood takes pride in that though and also thinks that his quarterback background helps him and his team out.

"I actually think that I block pretty well. I am a physical receiver and I look forward to hitting linebackers. I put one on their back the other day in seven on seven.

"I see myself as a smart receiver. I used to play quarterback, so I am looking at what they are looking at. That helps to get the ball to me. I find the holes and it helps to where they need to get the ball."

Hopgood has 4.4 speed and says that he can go deep. More than that, he says that going across the middle isn't an issue. "I can be a deep threat guy. I like the long ball. But, I like to hang out over the middle and get physical. I will go wherever the ball goes."

There are a handful of offers on the table right now for Hopgood with the potential to just about double given some of the other interest that he is receiving. One offer is standing out the most right now.

"I have four offers right now. I am waiting on a couple of others. I have offers from Nebraska, Eastern Michigan, Army and Air Force.

"I am really interested in Nebraska. It's a BCS school and I could play in the Big 12. I want to try something new and I want to get away for a little bit."

The Huskers have changed their ways from an option-oriented team to a west coast offense team. Hopgood knows that the Huskers had a potent offense and have some of the best fans in college football.

"I just know that they always have a good offense and that they throw the ball. They had a sell out crowd for their spring game. It was a packed house. They support their team. I like their fans."

The interest that Nebraska has shown in Hopgood up to this point has led him to believe that they are a school he wants to look closer at this fall. Especially considering the two coaches recruiting him are from Ohio originally too.

"I am really considering taking an official visit to Nebraska this fall. I have spoken with Bo Pelini a couple of times. I also spoke to Carl Pelini.

"They talked to me back in March, I think. They were telling me they are from Ohio, how far away it is and how I really fit into their program."

The number of offers could almost double with just a couple good games into the season. Hopgood says that the interest is strong from at least three other teams right now.

"I would say Wisconsin is close to offer. Louisville has also showed a lot of interest as well as Vanderbilt. I think that all three are close to offering."

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