Hedrick Has Excellent Camp in Evanston

Bremen (IL) defensive back/running back Keithan Hedrick has done well at every camp he's been to this summer and he closed out his summer with possibly his best performance to date. With that under his belt, his first FBS offer may not be far behind.

Keithan Hedrick has yet to receive his first offer, but that hasn't gotten the Bremen product down. His performance at Northwestern's recent camp has him confident that an offer will come during the season.

"I killed Northwestern's camp," he confidently stated, "They want to look at senior film is what they're telling me."

Hedrick played everything last year, from strong safety to linebacker and even rushed for over 700 yards as a running back on offense.

In college, his best position might be at cornerback, where his 5'8 height is not as much of an issue. He feels he has proven his ability in man to man coverage this summer.

"I killed the camp, they just want to know if it was a fluke or not, they're not convinced 100% yet that my size isn't a factor."

The Wildcats, who are right instate will have plenty of opportunity to evaluate Hedrick and after the camp, he hopes to show them there is plenty more where that came from.

"They brought me into their office," Hedrick said of Northwestern, I talked to Coach Fitzgerald, Coach Cushingand Coach Jerry Brown. They were telling me that I killed the camp and my junior film looke good. They just want to see my senior film, just to show that I am good enough and my size isn't a factor and then from there, I should be offered."

Hedrick says 1-AA Drake has already offered him a place to play next season, although they don't give athletic scholarships and is hoping some other schools will throw their hat into the ring.

"Purdue is very interested in me, but they're more straightforward. They said you're a great player and we love your film, but we have offered all the guys at that position, so we're no longer recruiting you, the NIU interest has slowed down as well."

However, with the season just a few weeks away, Hedrick is ready to show these schools what they're missing out on.

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