Scout's Take: Alvin Bailey

Welcome to Scout's Take: Arkansas Razorback Class of 2009 where each member of the class will be evaluated by position. First Group: Offensive Line

Scout's Take

Arkansas Razorbacks

Class of 2009

Offensive Line

I am doing positional analysis of each class in the Southeast.  In the interest of giving attention to each

class member, I am going to break them down individually and by position.

Alvin Bailey

OG        6-4 300

Broken Arrow (OK)

Commit Date: 8/13/2008


Size-Bailey is tremendous and knows how to use his size.  Gets good movement has the ability to re-establish the LOS.

Feet--has light feet and a quick first step, but he doesn't always bring them with him.  Doesn't lumber at all and is able to navigate through the box and on up to the second level.

Mobility--shows good range in that he can get to the second and even third levels.

Quick Hands--doesn't necessarily have a great punch, but he does get inside position most of the time.


Finish--is solid at the point of attack, but has a tendency to lose contact and "play watch".  He is typically out of the frame when the play ends.

Physicality--this is a strange one because he does get such good movement, but he doesn't (for lack of a better term) "bring it" on every play. 

Pad Level--He appears at times to bounce and doesn't sit in with great pad level, which could be a result of poor flexibility in the hips or ankles

Final Analysis

Bailey is a solid get for the Razorbacks in that while his skill set is raw, it is versatile.  He will thrive as a run blocker but has shown enough flashes of ability to get out on the perimeter and/or the second level, which will serve Coach Petrino and Staff well in their short passing game (screens, etc.)  Just how quickly he gets on the field will depend on how hard he works to get in better shape and how hard he works at becoming more flexible

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