Razorbacks in Texas on Friday nights

Each week Scout.com will let you know where your favorite commits from Texas will be at. This week is the opening week of the season so some of the players are not playing.

Arkansas commit Watch: State of Texas Week Zero ball games

Each week we will give you a heads up as to where the various Arkansas commits, from Texas, are at each week. With this being the opening week, not every team is playing, however here is where the five Texas commits will be at this weekend plus any interesting matchups.

Caddo Mills- Ryan Calendar

Friday night at Gunter, 1930 start time. Gunter is a solid team that went 12-1 last season. They should be pretty good this year despite only having three starters back. No college prospect on the offensive line for Gunter which means a weak matchup for Ryan. Though this should be a good football game, Calendar will not be challenged much in this one so he should have a pretty good day.

Frisco Wakeland- Will Secord

Wakeland went 11-2 last season with the help of Secord who plays for his father Marty, love coach's sons at quarterback. They will play at home against Saginaw who went 7-3 last year but did not make the playoffs. Logan Fritchow is a big name in the secondary though he is not a top tier recruit he is a tough player in the secondary at free safety. Wakeland has five starters back on offense with six starters back for Saginaw. Look for a sophomore receiver, ROdrigues Hayes, to get a lot of looks. This is a well balanced high school game, Secord has a chance for a good game but he is going against a solid squad so a big game is probably not in the cards.

Kingwood- Travis Swanson

Big Travis and his Kingwood team head to Conroe to play against College Park. College Park is a two-year school that made an impressive playoff run last year. This is one well coached team that is known for near flawless execution while producing just two college prospects last year. Swanson will have a challenging matchup against All-District defensive end, Tanner Ash (6-4 210 4.7) going against him. Kingwood is a solid, but not spectacular team and will not be the favorite in this game. Expect Kingwood to rely on Travis Swanson and Michael Yoder to blow open some holes for the team to have a chance. This will be a very good game to gauge how much Swanson has improved in the off-season.

Rockwall Heath- Austin Moss No game this week for Austin Moss as they are going to scrimmage to get read for their game at home next week against Sherman.

Waco Reicher- Ross Rasner

could not find their schedule

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