Recruiting Update: CB/WR Jarvis Phillips recently caught up with Dallas Carter QB Jarvis Phillips to discuss his season thus far, recruiting, and visits. Continue reading to hear what he had to say.

In high school football, if a team does not have a true QB on the team, the next best thing is to put the teams best athlete at the helm. This puts the ball in the hands of a playmaker on every down. This instance is the reality for Dallas Carter who had to place 6'0 185lbs Jarvis Phillips under center. Phillips is being recruited to play every position but QB however, his natural athletic ability has allowed him to be successful. Carter has started out their season 3-0 and right now, that is all Phillips is concerned about.

"The season is going good. We are winning ball games and thats what it is all about. We are 3-0. On the recruiting side, I haven't done anything. I have just been focusing on the season. If we keep winning and I continue to do my part, recruiting will work itself out," said Jarvis Phillips.

But realistically, when you have seven offers and you're a commodity, it is hard to totally block out recruiting. Coaches are calling, they are stopping by the school, and coming to games and unless you're committed, you have to listen. Phillips has found a balance that has been working for him.

"I feel like I owe it to my team to focus on the season. I talk to my mom about visits and where I should go but I don't let it distract me on the field. At school it is all about the team. I'll start to focus on recruiting towards the end of the season."

He did, however, mention a few schools that have peaked his interest.

"North Texas, Louisiana Tech, Tulsa, and Kansas are at the top. North Texas has Coach (Todd) Dodge. He is a great coach and he is a winner. At Southlake he won and he will turn North Texas around eventually."

"My boy Curnelius (Arnick) plays up Tulsa and he be trying to get me up there with him. He speaks highly about the coaches and the team and the school. It would be cool to be able to play with him again."

"I also know people up at Kansas. Knowing someone always makes things a little easier because you feel more comfortable."

And how about Louisiana Tech?

"Coach (Stan) Eggen came to the school last week," Phillips said with a chuckle. "He's a cool dude. He was basically talking about how they need me and how they wanted me to help build the program. I don't know to much about the school but I do like Coach Eggen."

Phillips also has offers from Colorado State, Rice and UTEP.

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