Sims: Committed or Not?

In the off-season, Houston Westbury defensive tackle DeAnthony Sims gave his verbal commitment to Texas Tech. Now that several months have passed, is he still solid to the Red Raiders? TexasPrepInsider's Ahmard Vital caught up with a source close to the situation to get the latest on Sims' recruitment in this TPI exclusive…

Plenty of players across the country are giving verbal commitments to their school of choice. And while it is not too common for players to decommit for various reasons (i.e. coaching changes, change of heart), there are not too many reported instances where it is the other way around.

Houston Westbury defensive tackle DeAnthony Sims took a trip to Lubbock during the off-season. He liked what he saw and gave his verbal commitment to Texas Tech. He chose the Red Raiders over other interested programs like Baylor, Oklahoma State, Houston, Kansas State, and Texas A&M

But an interesting turn of events happened and Westbury coach gave us the run down on how it went down. 

"After our game against Sharpstown last week (Thursday, Oct. 2) I was contacted by Texas Tech University, the coaches who recruit this area," Houston Westbury coach Keeath Magee said. "They called and stated to me after watching some film and being at the game, that coach (Mike) Leach felt as though DeAnthony Sims was player who they could not take at the time. So they felt they could not continue to offer him the scholarship that they had initially offered him in the spring."

Magee's initial reaction was shocked, but he did say that they offered an alternative. 

"They asked me if he would take a gray shirt and I told them that I did not think that was going to happen," Magee said. "And the way the conversation went, I knew at that point that they were saying that there were no uncertain terms and that they were not going to offer the scholarship he had in the spring."

In the game where the Red Raider coaches were present (Sharpstown), Magee said that the 6-foot-3, 307-pound Sims had 10 tackles a sack. Magee felt as though that was pretty good numbers seeing that Sharpstown has one of the state's top dual-threat junior quarterbacks with Sam Carter.

Now, faced with the news, he had to break it to Sims and his family. So what was Sims' reaction?

"He was shocked. You know he had received a letter from Texas Tech, taken a trip up there this spring to watch their spring game," Magee said. "He made a commitment to them, they told him they wanted him and he said I want you guys. And at that point he literally stopped talking to people."

All of this did not sit well with Sims or Magee because after the commitment, Sims had shut down the recruiting process. 

"You know people would come in to talk to him about coming to take a look. He turned down schools like Oregon, Kansas State, and Texas A&M," Magee said. "There were several of schools he could have visited. He told them, ‘No, I'm committed to Texas Tech and I am not going to visit. I'm solid on Tech and I'm going to Tech.'"

It's regrouping time for Sims and now he looks to put himself back out on the market. But this recent turn of events has Magee wondering the validity of some of ins and outs of the recruiting process.

"The shame of this is that you offer a kid a scholarship he commits to you and you turn around and take that away," Magee said. "It's the sad part of college recruiting. I know that everybody doesn't do it, but it says a lot about your program when you do something like that. What is does is it makes you wonder exactly how much credibility or how much value that sheet of paper that has that offer is. 

"You can say we want you and then turn around and say we don't want you. There are a lot of schools across the United States that will offer a kid and the kid can get hurt his senior year, but the schools will stand behind that offer because the kid said ‘Yes' and committed to them."

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