UCF Commit Shares More on Visit

College recruiters hold a trump card...and they know it. It's called an Official Visit and there really is no substitute. UCF commit Jarrett Swaby talked about the things that stood out to him.

UCF Commit Jarrett Swaby

"I got up there Saturday around 12," he said. "Right as Josh Robinson was getting there."

I knew he was going to be on the visit with me, so I wanted to try to get in touch with him."

So what one thing stood out about the visit?

"I met with all of the coaches and players and watched the walkthrough," he shared. "It was good because it helped me to get an idea of what it's like to be a college player."

Anything else?

"We ate like six times a day at the hotel and at restaurants."

What about the game itself?

"The game experience with all the fans was incredible."

Rate the visit.

"I've been to a Florida State game before, and now going to this one, it's different," he said. "The stadium is bowl-shaped and aluminum, so it is ridiculously loud, especially on third down."

Where do you stand with your commitment to UCF?

"Before the visit, I was thinking about visiting K-State and Northern Illinois," he said. "But after the visit, I know I'm at home."

I started thinking about the weather and how there is really nothing to do after football."

Is there any chance that you will be enrolling early?

"Yes, I have finished Florida virtual school and if they make a bowl, I will go in January," he said. "If not, it will be late December, so I can get situated."

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