All Heart

Football is hard enough as it is. Beginning with winter workouts and culminating with a banquet, pieces of a year-round puzzle are balanced with everything from the scholastic to the social. So, what does one do when times get tough and teammates start bailing? What does one do when the numbers get down to, get this, 13 players--Total? For WR Carlos McCants, the answer was easy.

"In spite of everything that happened, I feel like I had a very solid season," Carlos McCants said.

I had 1573 All-Purpose Yards with 8 Touchdowns and 786 of these yards were receiving," he shared. "And all of my Touchdowns came on receptions."

It sounds like you were literally a one-man-gang and had to shoulder the brunt of, at least, the offensive load.

"It was me and our Quarterback, Kinderick Dent, who had to hold it down," he said. "He had 2,276 All-Purpose Yards (896 Passing + 673 Rushing) and 20 Touchdowns."

Oh Yeah, he had 37 tackles and I had 20."

I'm sure that your hard work and dedication didn't go unnoticed, right?

"I was nominated to play in the Alabama-Mississippi All-Star Game, but I didn't make it," he said. "Now, I'm waiting to see if I get to play in the North versus South Game."

If what matters most is heart, consider Carlos McCants a lock.

Burke Hayes is the Southeastern Regional Manager for Football Recruiting at Scout.

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