Number Five versus Number Four

This Friday night will see a top tier tandem compete as the Patriots from Paris-Henry County square off against the Burros of Nashville-Hillsboro. Find out more about two of the top prospects in the state as they match up this Friday night in the Semi-Finals.


For fans in the Western part of the state there is no way there is an equivalent athlete to Paris-Henry County quarterback Marsalis Teague. On the other hand in the Nashville area very few have been able to run with Nashville-Hillsboro athlete Eric Gordon. This Friday night the two will match up in one of the most anticipated games in the state.

Teague has been racking up stats all season long and impressing college coaches along the way. Early in the recruiting season Teague seemed ready to punch his ticket for the Hurricanes of Miami, but the Gators from Florida with Coach Urban Meyer joined in the race. For a few weeks it seemed as if the Gators had completed won over the athlete, but now offers from Alabama and Georgia Tech have made him take another look. The 2008 season has been a big one for Teague, who due to his athleticism has taken on the role of quarterback full time for his team. In his role Teague has completed 64% of his passes for 1204 yards and 16 touchdowns. But what adds to the danger of Teague is his ability to run. He also added 1412 yards and 20 touchdowns on the ground on only 100 carries, averaging over 14 yards per carry.

On to Gordon who has put up an impressive season himself. Gordon hauled in 41 catches for 725 yards and nine touchdowns up to this point in the season. His combination of speed, agility, and overall athleticism has made him one of the toughest players to tackle in the state. For many teams Gordon projects to be a lock down cornerback. As of right now Gordon seems to favor Alabama, but has offers from several other programs including Mississippi State, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas Tech to name a few.

This Friday night should provide a lot of excitement for fans from both teams, but should also give us a good preview of two of the top prospects in the state and projections for their future. It should get interesting when Teague, the number 29 ranked cornerback lines up to defend Gordon, who also plays wide receiver, the number 28 ranked cornerback. The "X factor" for the ball game may be the Patriots run game threat from big time fullback Dominque Allen. This game should provide a lot of highlights including some from Paris-Henry County juniors Lennies McFerrin and Shontae Sims.

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