What K-State recruits are saying

Even though originally Kansas State's top recruits verbally committed with Ron Prince as their head coach, when he was asked to resign with two only two games left in his season many fans feared his recruits might leave as well.

Despite what everyone thought, a good number of Ron Prince's recruits were excited about the return of coach, Bill Snyder.

When Keenan Taylor, Kansas State's outside tackle recruit, was asked about what he thought about the return of Bill Snyder he said, "I think it's a good idea. He impacted them a lot when he was coach."

Oklahoma State has also shown interest in Taylor since his commitment. It's a tough decision for Taylor because he "likes [Oklahoma State's] venue and facility, and they have a winning program."

Taylor has not been on an official visit with Oklahoma State, but he has been to a game. He's still thinking about whether he plans to stick with the commitment, and said he will make his final decision in February.

When asked what was influencing him the most in the decision making process he said, "Playing time and how I relate to the coaches, and also a good environment."

Zach Trujillo, K-State's tight end recruit, also had positive things to say about Bill Snyder, who made Kansas State into a number one ranking team in the 1998 season and took them to a Big 12 Championship game in 2003.

"I like the old coach a lot, but I think that because Bill Snyder got the Kansas State football program started, and he has a lot of wins he's a good coach," said Trujillo.

Trujillo plans on sticking with his commitment unless his scholarship gets taken away. He had made his final decision because of the coaching staff. Even with a new head coach he has still decided to remain with Kansas State because of the great atmosphere the school offers.

Another enthusiastic Kansas State outside tackle recruit, Andre McDonald, has also made the decision to stick with Kansas State no matter what.

"They offered me the scholarship, and I would feel really bad turning it down," he said.

McDonald likes the people, the academics, and the way Kansas State cares about their athletes.

"It's a really special program. The people were friendly there," said McDonald.

But, the factors influencing him the most in his decision making process are the treatment of the athletes, in addition to the location of the school.

Andre McDonald has also received an additional offer from Tulsa, but he said he wasn't even considering it. McDonald has met with Bill Snyder and talked on the phone with multiple times and when asked about the change in the coaching staff he said, "I can't do anything about it, but he's a legend."

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