Jamie Wood Right At Home

For Jamie Wood a visit to Ohio State was staying in his own backyard. But don't think Wood wasn't having fun or working. We get the latest.

Living in Pickerington, Ohio has allowed Jamie Wood the chance to see Ohio State up close anytime he wants.  But the safety prospect from Pickerington Central High School (OH) knows others don’t have the same chances to see the states capital.


“I just got back a little while ago,” Wood told Scout.com Sunday afternoon.  “Everything went real good and we had a chance to talk with a couple of the guys not yet committed.”


For Wood and his already future teammates the chance to work on a couple of key guys was huge.


“Those of us already committed got a chance to show the others why they need to be part of our group.  We’re building something special here and we want them to be part of it.”


With finals ending this past week Wood knows the campus lacked many of the bodies that would be around.


“There weren’t a lot of people on campus as many left after finals but we had a great group come this weekend.  The food was amazing and they kept you full and busy the whole time you were there.  It was a lot of fun.”


Nate Oliver was Jamie’s host for the weekend and the pair hung out with a few others.


“We went over to Jake Ballard’s house and a couple of other players houses to hang out and then we went out and showed some of the guys the city.”


While Columbus is nothing new to Wood, he knows guys from the outside need to see their future home.


“This was really nothing new for me but I was able to show some of the guys from the outside what Columbus is like and campus.  The basketball game was fun and would have been even better if there were more students on campus.”


With his visit behind Jamie Wood can add tour guide to the growing list of things he’s good at.  He’s already known for his football skills.


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