Official Visit Seals the Deal for Alaboody

Dearborn Fordson running back Ali Alaboody took his official visit to Bowling Green this weekend. While his commitment has always been solid, the visit really hammered home to him that he made the right choice.

Ali Alaboody went to Bowling Green this summer without an offer. He proved himself enough to earn one. At the same time, the Falcons proved themselves enough to him that the committed to them not long after the offer was extended.

While he has not wavered from his commitment since that time, his official visit this past weekend simply reiterated to him yet again that he has a home at BG.

"It went real good, even more than I expected," Alaboody said, "I also met the new head coach (Dave Clawson). He's a great guy."

Alaboody had an excellent year for Fordson. He lead them to the state semi-finals, a place the Tractors had not been in some time. He is also breaking new ground for the school in that he is their first FBS commitment in over 20 years.

His success has come at a running back, but he should find himself in a new role come college.

"I'm playing slot (receiver) and return man for sure. They said I have a great chance of starting right away because most of their receivers graduated."

So between meeting his new coach and finding out about the opportunities which will present themselves for him at Bowling Green. The question barely needs to be asked as to whether or not Alaboody thinks he made the right decision.

"I definitely do."

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