Crab Bowl MVP: Caleb Porzel

On Saturday the press was asked to turn in their votes to determine who would be named the most valuable players of the Baltimore and Washington, D.C., teams as well as the game's best lineman. Both of's votes went for Caleb Porzel on the D.C. side and after taking in the entire game again Porzel is our overall Crab Bowl MVP.

Saturday's first annual Crab Bowl was full of outstanding players to watch and there were plenty of great individual performances, however one player stood out all week in practices and then lit up the game on the offensive side of the ball in Good Counsel High School running back Caleb Porzel. The 5-foot-8, 180-pound running back had 14 carries for 40 yards and three touchdowns in the game and also added five receptions for 28 yards. To put Porzel's rushing statistics in perspective, the Baltimore team rushed 18 times for 15 yards with five-star Tavon Austin in the backfield.

Maryland is getting one heck of a ball carrier in Porzel. He shows excellent acceleration through rushing lanes and seems to hit top speed in the blink of an eye. He has an extra gear to take the ball to the end zone and is also a very good receiver, catching the ball with his hands away from his body. In practices and in the game he showed the ability to run crisp passing routes and Ralph Friedgen should be able to put together a creative game plan with Porzel in his backfield.

When running off-tackle, Porzel is absolutely lethal at times. If he can get the edge he is elusive enough to make people miss in the secondary and while he has a reputation for being a finesse back, he is far from it. Porzel does run behind his pads and brings some pop at the point of attack. He breaks tackles in traffic and can pound the ball up the middle. If I had to pick a player to compare him to it would most definitely be Maurice Jones-Drew when he was at UCLA. The Bruins were able to use Drew on wheel routes and in the passing game and he turned out to be an absolute nightmare for other Pac Ten teams to defend. Keep in mind, Jones-Drew has probably added about 15 pounds of muscle mass during his time in the NFL and has become a lot more powerful since his college days, so don't go by what you see on Sundays when looking at that comparison.

Now, as with all players there are things to work on and my two biggest qualms with Porzel's game is that he needs to get better at reading his blockers on inside runs and be more decisive on plays while realizing not everything can be a homerun. At times he will have some wasted steps in the backfield trying to wait for a hole to develop and at the college level, you simply have to take what the defense allows at times, even when that is only a one-yard gain.

Congratulations to Caleb Porzel,'s Maryland Crab Bowl MVP!

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