Q & A: Athlete Commit Gary Bush

Another Q&A feature with Boilermaker athlete commitment Gary Bush. He answers the soft versus solid question, why he chose Purdue, and other things. Read on to see what else he says.

BSR: So Gary, many people have labeled you as a soft commit to Purdue with earlier plans that seemed to involved other visits. Update us on that, whether you're soft or solid to Purdue.

Gary Bush: I'm solidly committed to Purdue. I'm just sticking with Purdue.

BSR: So in a few words, what was it that made you choose to become a Boilermaker in the first place.

Gary: The coaches, the environment, and the type of offense they run. My mom really liked the educational environment so that was the first thing. The atmosphere, how they come and support the games is great. They wake up at 4 in the morning to tailgate, and they don't do that here in Miami. It's going to be fun, it's going to be real fun.

BSR: Many of the Floridian commitments to the Boilermakers have made mention that many of you are already building a very close relationship. What has that been like for you?

Gary: We've all been talking and calling each other. Everything on that is going good.

BSR: Well, in terms of what it's going to be like for you having so many other kids from your home state be with you when you arrive on campus.

Gary: It's going to be fine with me because I got family up in Indiana, so it doesn't really affect me at all.

BSR: What has Coach Hope and the rest of the coaching staff been preaching too you since you've committed?

Gary: We had been talking about it and saying I have the potential to come in and make plays as a freshman. Just depends on how I do. I'm working on my speed right now.

BSR: Are you planning on enrolling early then, or arriving sometime in the summer?

Gary: I get up there in June.

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