USAAB Day One Stock Report

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS --At the Army All American Bowl it is often the first real test of many of the nation's best players against tough competition. Which players held their own, which ones excelled, and who had a bad day. gives you the day one stock report.

Stock Report after the first day of practice from the U.S. Army All-American Bowl.


Stock Up - Cliff Harris- consensus pick as the top player on the West squad for the day. He made several interceptions and after a while the offense stopped passing his way

Stock Up - Nick Kasa- started off fast and never slowed down. He made several sacks early in the day and just acted like the tackle was not there. Helped to kill the rushing attack by cutting the outside lane option for the backs.

Stock Up - Greg Timmons- out of the receiving core he was the top performer. Consistently good, he did not have a bad play and caught everything thrown towards him. Also seemed to really be enjoying himself out there.

Stock Up - Sheldon Richardson- no one surprised us more than him. He can flat out play and move. This was the first time he was playing with his hand down and he looked like a veteran of playing defensive tackle.

Stock Down - Garrett Porter- was over matched all day long and never could adjust to a great group of defensive ends on the West squad. He has the size to play the position but on day one he was not able to stop the ends.

East Squad

Stock Up - Jeremy Gallon - An electrifying slot man who is a threat to score from anywhere on the field. A game like this is made for a player like Gallon and unfortunately for the rest of the Big Ten, so is the Michigan offense. Gallon could be the next Darius Reynaud for Rich Rodriguez.

Stock Up - Brennan Williams – When this kid grows into his frame look out. The sky really is the limit for Williams. He shows outstanding footwork and versatility. A tackle by nature, Williams played center and the offense didn't skip a beat.

Stock Down - Aubrey Phillips – Not sure if it was a case of the jitters on the first day of practice, but Phillips didn't step up and compete the way we expected him to. He is slightly undersized and it really showed against the East offense.

Stock Down - Chris Burnette – Really is undersized and seemed to struggle against the East defensive front. With his frame we're not sure he can get very much bigger and he may struggle in the SEC.

Stock Even - Marcus Hall – There's not much room for Hall to move anywhere and we're probably spoiled since we're used to seeing Hall dominate everyone he faces. He was his ordinarily nasty self as he threw defenders around with ease.

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