USAAB: Skills Competition Recap

One of the most entertaining events on the week at the US Army All-American Game is the skills competition in the Alamodome. Each position group competes in variuos events to gain points, as a group, and claim victory. This year the West won as they took four out of three of the competitions.

San Antonio- As always the skills challenge is a fun day for the players and the fans. The players had a great time breaking into a dance competition at the very end.

The kicking competition was the first event and the West won with the kicking led by Chris Boswell from Texas. The competition works like this, the players have to kick from a yard line and a hash and it is basically a game of horse. You keep kicking till you hit all the marks. The shorter kicks are the ones where points are scored because the longer kicks are tougher as you would expect.

The wide receivers competed in a gauntlet challege. They run from one hash mark to the other catching passes from various each side that are thrown by different quarterbacks. Adam Hall, Zeke Motta, and Orson Charles all stood out in the event that the East won. The toughest part of this challenge is not the first pass from the left, or the second from the right, it is progressing down the field and getting to the last few passes often gets confusing.

The passing challenge was won by the East and they were lead by Tom Savage. There are several events in this one competition. First there is throwing to a passing net with certain holes in it for points. You get points for hitting it and bonus points for getting the ball in the holes. The last is a version of the four cone drills where the quarterbacks have to drop back and pass, and move side ways and pass while moving to the next side.

Next was the linebacker and running back drills. The drill goes like this, handoff by the quarterback, through the ropes, manuever around the tackling dummies, through a tunnel of tackling dummies and then catch a pass and 10 yard run. The guys who looked great in this drill are Christine Michael, Zeke Motta, Dorian Bell, Shayne Skov and Nico Johnson. Give Pooh Bear Mars kudos for wearing a cape during the competition

Next up was the offensive lineman drills. Basically do a series of workouts like the linebackers. Brennen Williams, Corey Gaines and Watt looked good before the dance competition began. Best run of the day was D.J. Fluker who flipped the blocking dummie. Worst had to be Randall Carroll as he got leveled by the tackling dummy

We did not know there would be a dance competition but here is our thoughts on this exciting competition, Dancing with the USAAB Stars. Adam Hall started off showing his backflip, and then Darius Winston topped him with several backflips with a twist. Chris Metcalf showed some nice dance moves but was soon pushed to the side by the smoothe dancing Greg Timmons who showed he could be a pro wide receiver or dancer. Chris Davenport showed that even the big men could move though he was not in Timmons' class. Best duo was Greg Timmons and William Campbell who did a duo dance with them clicking each others feet while moving. Last Adam Hall went old school with some break dancing moves, which is not easy to do on artificial turf.

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