UA Team Black Scrimmage: Play by Play

Team Black had a lot of activity in their scrimmage on Thursday. Three quarterbacks put their team through the paces in preparation for Sunday's Under Armour All-American Game.

Team Drills

1- Nunes pass broken up by Isaiah Bell

2- Shepard to Patterson for 21 yard gain

3- Shepard pass broken up by Kent

4- Gilbert shovel pass dropped by Giles

5- Nunes perfect deep ball down the middle, dropped by Matthews

6- Nunes hand off to Marc, tackled by Fields

7- Shepard hand off to Marc, strung out, out of bounds

8- Shepard, QB keeper, run out of bounds by Reid

9- Gilbert, double clutch, play over

7 on 7's

10- Gilbert, out pattern to Debose, broken up by Kent

11- Nunes hand off to Debose, run out of bounds by Telfort

12- Shepard picked off by Myles, pick 6

13- Gilbert beautiful pass to Richardson who takes a 'friendly shot' from Reid

14- Nunes drops back throws on time, ball under thrown to Richardson, diving interception by Reid

15- Shepard fade to Boyd, Boyd fights in the air and catches it over Kent

16- Gilbert short pass to Giles, Fields closed, minimal gain

17- Nunes short pass to Carter, Carter makes Armstrong miss, pushed out of bounds by Hawkins

18- Shepard pass to Boyd, Boyd 'alligator arms' as Myles is closing

19- Gilbert drops back, goes through progressions, beautiful pass to Hawthorne in front of Armstrong

20- Nunes short pass to Giles, complete, Telfort makes play

21- Shepard back to pass, Debose runs great route and is open, ball overthrown

22- Gilbert throws a dart to Matthews, Armstrong knocks it loose

23- Nunes drops back throws deep to Patterson who was open, ball overthrown

24- Shepard looks left finds Richardson who breaks a tackle

25- Gilbert completes pass to Patterson, tackled by Reid and Dixon

26- Nunes drops back, looks left, then right, no pass

27- Shepard looks left, throws right, ball slightly under thrown, Boyd still makes catch on Armstrong

28- Gilbert picks up fumbled snap, makes 3-4-5 reads, throws ball away

29- Nunes short pass to Giles out of backfield, run out of bounds by Fields

30- Shepard pumps left, looks right, scrambles, passes to Debose, broken up by Kent

31- Gilbert fakes hand off, throws underneath to Carter, ball behind him

32- Nunes fakes hand off, throws nice ball to Patterson

33- Shepard pump fakes, throws underneath to Boyd, wrapped up by Armstrong

34- Gilbert back to pass, looks left, throws underneath to Boyd, dropped in front of Hawkins

35- Nunes throws way short of Debose crossing the field

36- Shepard fakes hand off, looks left, throws nice ball and Carter makes a great catch over Hawkins

37- Gilbert looks left, takes first read, complete to Debose

38- Nunes looks right, comes off of it, throws beautiful pass to Richardson on crossing pattern, dropped

39- Shepard drops back and hits Carter on a comeback route in front of Kent

40- Gilbert takes third read hits Boyd in the middle of the field

41- Nunes takes third read, complete to Debose in front of Armstrong

42- Shepard hits Debose on an out route in front of Armstrong

43- Gilbert completes deep ball to Carter, great pass

44- Nunes drops back, hits Boyd on a nice out route in front of Dixon

45- Shepard looks left, throws left, complete to Richardson for a 15 yard gain on Dixon

46- Gilbert looks left, throws left, complete to Patterson for a TD


47- Shepard QB keeper for five yards

48- Shepard, big pass rush, designed screen, ball batted down by Smith and Jones, Kent almost makes interception

49- Shepard drops back, throws out route to Boyd who never saw it, Kent pass interference

50- Gilbert hits Debose on a seven yard curl in front of Kent

51- Gilbert hits first read Berry on the left, Berry turns up the field for a nice gain

52- Nunes connects with Marc across the middle, Smith makes stop

53- Nunes feels blitz, completes to the right, minimal gain

54- Nunes hands off to Giles, Jenkins and Fields stop him for minimal gain

55- Shepard rolls out and makes a bad read, Kent intercepts and takes it to the house

56- Shepard fakes hand off, rolls right, takes off for a 10 yards, stopped by Armstrong

57- Shepard looks around, makes nice adjustment, passes to Debose, slightly behind, Debose dropped

58- Gilbert looks left, throws money deep ball which should be TD, dropped by Carter. Miscommunication between Reid and Bell in secondary

59- Gilbert rolls right, ball tipped by Jones, still caught by Richardson on a nice adjustment

60- Hand off to Marc who runs left, nice gain, run out of bounds

61- Nunes fakes hand off, looks left, throws right, airmails Toma, a little extracurricular push from Telfort after play

62- Nunes quick pass to Hawthorne, complete, Hawthorne breaks some ankles before being stopped by Reid

63- Nunes quick throw to Hawthorne, Dixon closes fast, makes great play

64- Shepard QB keeper, beautiful run, probably would have been a TD

65- Shepard rolls out right, keeps it, making moves, jukes into back of Carter

66- Shepard drops back, slips, throws left, intended for Debose, Bell makes great play, drops interception

67- Carter end around, minimal gain, stopped by Reid

68- Gilbert looks left, first read, thrown incomplete

69- Gilbert hand off to Thompson who runs hard for a 5-6 yard gain

70- Gilbert rolls out, nice out route, off the hands of Boyd, Kent on the coverage

71- Nunes hand off to Berry who is stopped at the point of attack by Fields and Jones

72- Berry missed the hand off from Nunes, busted play

73- Nunes drops back to pass, fires, Toma and Carter in same area, Carter makes the catch

74- Nunes completes to Debose in front of Hawkins and Jenkins

75- Shepard runs the option left, shovel pass incomplete, OL Ashcroft picked it up and rumbled down the field, play called

76- Shepard fakes hand off, rolls out, pumps to Debose, Dye elevates, looks left, throws away



Josh Nunes: 13-19

Garrett Gilbert: 11-20

Russell Shepard: 9-21


Andre Debose: 5

Duron Carter: 5

Jheranie Boyd: 5

Jamal Patterson: 4

Nu'Keese Richardson: 4

Jarvis Giles: 4

Terry Hawthorne: 3

Jamaal Berry: 1

Victor Marc: 1

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