USAAB West Offensive Report: Day Four

The last day of practice was on Thursday and though it was mostly walk throughs and special teams there was some one-on-ones and a scrimmage. was there for all the action and here is our West Offensive Report for day four.

Quarterbacks: Thursday was a repeat of the previous day's events. A.J. McCarron looked the best for the West, he made several good throws on the day, and only one really bad one. Allan Bridgford and Tyrik Rollison were both inconsistant. Rollison missed badly on several passes but he is starting to put it together.

Running Backs: No way to evaluate on the day, not too many opportunities on the day for any real way for them to show what they can do. Christine Michael did have the most fun play of the day. McCarron pitched him the ball and instead of running between the trash cans, as he was supposed to do, he hurdle the trash can.

Wide Receivers- Randall Carroll stepped it up in the drills today and was putting out the effort, he beat Byron Moore badly during the one-on-ones and had another catch during the scrimmage. He did drop one pass but overall he had a good day. Chris Coyle started the day off right by beating Chris Metcalf on the first play of one-on-ones. Coyle had dropped some passes during the week but played well today. Adam Hall had one catch on the day on a pass from Bridgford. Greg Timmons was the best or second best receiver on the day, he had two pass catches and was denied one by a great play by Cliff Harris. Pat Patterson continued to play well and had a pair of catches, he has been impressive this week. Reuben Randle has had hamstring problems and was busy being stretched out during the scrimmage.

Offensive Line- D.J. Fluker practiced today but did not start with the first team, he rotated with Garrett Porter at the left tackle spot. Fluker looks like he can play but he is notably limping and is not the same player he was at the beginning of the week. Garrett Porter played better today, he has had a rough week and it was good to see him get positive work in. Chris Faulk had another solid day, he had previous problems with McFarland but solved that equation today. The offensive line was more solid on this day but it is still lacking chemistry and needs a true center. That has been the biggest mistake this week is not having a true center or someone who has ever played the spot on the roster.

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