Scouting the Central Fla. All-Star Game

The annual Central Florida All-Star Game took place in Orlando recently and was there for all the action. Who stood out? What did the top players look like? Complete with video clips, here is a scouting report of the top prospects in that game.

There were probably close to 20 Division 1 players in the 2008 Central Florida All-Star game played recently and was there.

Three players on each side really caught our eye with their performances and here they are:

1. Mike Gillislee (6-0/190) was the top prospect at the game. Playing running back, Gillislee had close to 50 yards on the ground and also returned kicks. He was the fastest and most explosive player there and while he doesn't break a whole lot of tackles, he's a major threat when he breaks things into the open field. He's more of an athlete running with the ball than a natural runner right now. He won't be seen running people over or making too many people miss but if you give him the slightest hole, he hits it hard and has tremendous speed to make a big play happen. The University of Florida commitment looked like a high three-star caliber player.

2. David Harding (6-4/290) played tackle at Boone and was playing tackle in this game but he projects as a guard at the college level. He's a big, strong kid and someone who is well-schooled. He plays with good technique. He's not the most athletic kid around and still needs to work on his footwork but he was clearly the best offensive line prospect in this game and the Duke commitment looked like a solid three-star prospect.

3. Jeremy Wright (5-10/185) doesn't have the same size or speed as Gillislee but he's a better running back right now because of his natural instincts running the ball. He was clearly the most productive player on the night, going for close to 100 yards on the ground with limited touches. The East Ridge High standout has not yet committed anywhere and plans on taking January visits to Iowa State, FIU, and Middle Tennessee. Wright looked like a high two-star caliber prospect and those schools would be getting a steal.

4. Frankie Davis (6-3/270) is an undersized defensive tackle prospect who played a very good game. He really gets after it and has a nice first step that enables him to beat most opposing offensive lineman. If he keeps his motor running more often, he'd be even more effective. Davis, a solid two-star prospect, has January visits scheduled to UCF, West Virginia, and Purdue.

5. C.J. James (6-3/215) isn't the biggest defensive end around but played like a quality defensive lineman in this game. He shows some nice quickness off the edge, hustles most of the time, and was making plays all night in the opposing backfield. The Colorado State commitment looked like a high two-star caliber player.

6. Demi Thompson (6-1/240) doesn't have ideal size for a defensive end but he has nice quickness off the ball and was able to make a few plays in the backfield. The South Florida commitment looked like a solid two-star prospect.

7. Brandon McCray (6-4/285) is a big kid in the middle of the defensive line. He played both ways at Merritt Island High but played only defense in this game. He was active, too. He has decent footwork for a player his size and just needs to work on getting stronger and playing with a better motor at all times. Still, he's a solid two-star prospect. McCray told us after the game that Iowa State is recruiting him the hardest and that was the only visit he had scheduled.

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