Ricardo Dixon "50/50" between two

Scout.com's #37 nationally rated cornerback was busy playing in the Under Armour All-American game on Sunday night, but behind the scenes, two colleges are still battling it out for Ricardo's services.

"I am still committed to South Florida, but right now, it is 50/50 between them and Ole Miss," added Ricardo Dixon. "It is pretty even. It could go either way."

Ricardo had a chance to take in an official visit to Ole Miss in December, and that visit has left an impression with the 1st Team All-State selection.

"I just loved it down there. I really get a long well with their coaches and players. Everybody is family, always together, in everything they do. I will also be able to get some playing time as a freshman too. That is one of the good things about Ole Miss. The only draw back is that it is in a small town. I am not use to that, but I can get use to it."

Ole Miss carries one advantage over South Florida.

"Really, their advantage is that they play in the SEC and South Florida plays in the Big East. I could really speed up my progression as a cornerback if I came in as a freshman and locked down with the most talented wide receivers in the country. I can do the same in the Big East, but their wide receivers are not as fast as the SEC. Still, I will be facing good wide receivers in the Big East. It is not like they are chumps or anything. Where ever I go, I am going to do what ever it takes to make it to the NFL."

The Bulls have an advantage over the Rebels.

"The advantage for South Florida is that it is closer to home. I like that because it will give my parents a chance to see all of my games, but that is the only advantage they have."

A couple more schools are also still in the picture.

"I have set up three visits this month. I am going to West Virginia (1/9), South Florida (1/16), and Rutgers (1/23)."

Rutgers give Ricardo that "city" feel.

"It is in the city, and that is a plus for me. The city is my type of area. I am not a party person, and when there is not much to do, people tend to party a lot. But I also like their coaching staff. They are real good, and they also have a great graduation rate. If I get hurt, I will have a back up plan to get a good job."

West Virginia's recruiter has caught Dixon's eye.

"Coach Doc Holiday is real down to earth. He is not a manipulator. He tells you like it is. Coach Doc has barely mentioned what it is like at West Virginia because he wants me to see it for myself. He tells me that their facilities match up to anyone in the country, and I would be shocked if I ever saw it for my own eyes, so I am going to go check it out. The only negative with them is that it is very cold, and I am not a cold person. That could turn me away."

When it does come time to put that name on the dotted line; a few factors will go through the thought process.

"I want to come in and play, first of all. I do not need a starting job as a freshman, but I would like to play a lot. I have to get stronger, but I know I will be ready to play next year. I will also look at their graduation rate. I am studying Psychology so that program's reputation will mean a lot. I just want to find a home away from home. I do not want to go anywhere where their coach leaves for more money. I want to play for a staff that has that love for his school. I want a passionate staff to play for."

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