UA Analysis: Dallas Lee

Offensive lineman Dallas Lee entered practice as a strong run blocker on the OL, but he was pass blocking more than he was run blocking Sunday night. I break down Lee's performance in Orlando (FL) here…

Dallas Lee is a 6-foot-4, 295 pound offensive guard out of Buford Georgia.

Here is my report on Lee after watching him over the last five days.

Entering the Week: I have been scouting Lee for about three years and he emerged on my radar early in his sophomore season and he impressed me when I saw him live against Greater Atlanta Christian as a defensive tackle in 2006. I knew what Lee was about and I knew what to expect. He is a tough lineman, he is versatile, he is a run block specialist, and he is very tough.

Thoughts from Practice: I saw what I expected to see last week on the practice fields. He was very coachable, he worked hard, he competed, he was best when run blocking, and he earned a starting position. He was solid all week.

Game Report: He had a major task in front of him Sunday night when he squared off head to head versus Gary Brown. Brown was named the top DL for the week at the UnderArmour practices and he was unstoppable every practice. Brown is a good combo DT against the run and pass, but Lee answered the call and handled big Brown much of the game. Lee was beaten a few times and Brown a few plays, but when they went head to head, Lee won well over half of the battled. Brown was built up all week while Lee was not, so Lee won the battle when it was game time.

Stock Up or Down? Lee's stock is definitely up after his game performance. He did nothing to really help or hurt his stock throughout the practices, but he only helped himself Sunday night. He played 75-80 percent of the snaps at guard and he performed at an extremely high level in pass protection against an elite (probable five-star) DT in Brown.

Lee will be moving to Athens on Tuesday and starting his Bulldog career later this week when he begins taking classes.

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