RB Kendrick Hardy names a leader

Scout.com's #46 nationally rated tailback has seen an intense battle for him between two instate schools in USM and OM. What is the latest?

"Well, I went over to USM last weekend," added the always soft spoken Kendrick Hardy. "It went good. I liked everything over there, really."

What stood out about Southern Miss the most?

"I liked the players and the environment."

Now that Hardy has visited both Ole Miss and USM; what was he comparing while on his Southern visit?

"I wanted to see how the schools are different. I also wanted to see the difference in their players and conditioning program."

What did he learn?

"USM is not that big but it is spread out, the classes and everything. Ole Miss is big, but they have all of their classes together. The players for both schools make sure the freshmen are not left out. And I really did not learn much about Ole Miss' conditioning program, but they like to run a lot at USM."

Which school has the advantage with these three issues?

"They are pretty much equal."

Did one campus feel more "homey" than the other?

"Not really."

Taking that into consideration; what next?

"I want to see where I can get the most playing time."

Where can Hardy receive more P.T.; OM or USM?

"I can get playing time at both of them, but at USM I think I can get it faster."


"Because they do not have as many running backs as Ole Miss."

Does this mean that Hardy is leaning towards USM?

"I guess you could say that, but I still have not made up my mind. I will probably have it made up pretty shortly though, within the week."

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