Allmond is in the Right Place

Jayson Allmond, the 6-1, 260-pound fullback prospect from Bloomington (Calif.) High, who si verbally committed to UCLA, talked to us about his official visit last weekend. He said, "I feel like I'm in the right place."

Bloomington (Calif.) fullback Jayson Allmond missed UCLA's big recruiting weekend January 10th and 11th because he was playing in a local all-star game.

So while Allmond missed the chance to meet several of his future teammates, he still got to visit UCLA officially, doing so last weekend.

"I had fun," said Allmond. "The coaches really showed me why I chose UCLA. They really showed me love. Coach (Rick) Neuheisel and Coach (Norm) Chow talked with me a lot and I talked to Coach (Wayne) Moses a lot. I talked to Coach Chow and he definitely wants me to play fullback."

Allmond said that initially in his recruitment he had aspirations to play linebacker, but the more he talked with schools, the more fullback came up. When UCLA offered him as a fullback, he knew that's where he was destined to play.

"Fullback, I was comfortable with that because I knew it real well," said Allmond. "I didn't have a problem with that. They told me to come in, work hard, and earn my spot, it's not going to be giving to me."

Allmond said hearing Chow talk about the use of the fullback in the UCLA offense, and his fit for it, further pleased him with his decision.

"That's what they told me that made me different from most fullbacks. I showed that just because of my size it doesn't mean I could move around. I can use my athleticism in the offense," said Allmond.

Allmond was hosted by Milton Knox, and he laughed at the picture of the two of them in the same backfield. "I connected with Milton a lot, him and Aundre Dean, I really connected with a lot of the players. They let me know it was not going to be easy. Milton and me would be a good backfield, he's a smaller guy who plays big and I'm a bigger guy who plays like I'm smaller."

Allmond had dreamed of playing in the Pac-10, and staying in Southern California, so when UCLA came calling, he didn't hesitate. "It's hit me a lot that I'm getting a chance to play at UCLA," said Allmond. "When I was there, I thought, I get to play at a school I loved watching and I grew up admiring. I've been a Bruin my whole life, from Junior All-American to high school and it's been a great honor. I'm glad UCLA picked me as a person they wanted to be there for the next four years."

Allmond was flanked on the visit by his family, who is just as thrilled he'll be playing nearby. "My family went with me, and yeah, they're really excited I'll be going there," said Allmond. "I'll be moving there in June and I'll be doing summer school there."

Allmond didn't have as many fellow committed players on his official visit, but still talked with the few that were there, or who stopped by.

"Actually, I know most of them already," said Allmond. "Richard Brehaut, he was there, he came to the basketball game, so I talked with him. I grew up playing against Sheldon Price and Morrell Presley, I talked to him the whole weekend. I talk to a lot of the commits. I got to know Stan McKay, the safety too."

Allmond said he enjoyed the atmosphere at UCLA, especially at Pauley Pavilion.

"I felt the energy," said Allmond. "I felt like I'm in the right place."

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