CB Ryan Campbell update

Scout.com's #62 rated cornerback had a chance to take in an official visit to the University of Mississippi over the weekend. Did anyone accompany the Ole Miss commit?

"My mom and my little niece came with me," added Ryan Campbell. My mom said she liked it pretty good. She likes the slower pace of life. She said I would have the best chance to reach my goals if I am at a place where I can concentrate on my books and football."

This was actually Ryan's first look at the campus he had already committed to be at for the next four to five years.

"Yea, this was my first time to see Ole Miss. I liked it. The thing that stood out the most to me was Coach Nutt. He is a class act, as a person, and as a coach. Most coaches are not as involved with their players like Coach Nutt. The football players there treat you like one of them too. That really stood out. That is probably what I liked most, just the overall environment of how they treat you over there."

The 1st Team All-State selection was able to get a better feel for the town too.

"Oxford is just a real football town. Everywhere you go, fans are coming up to you and telling you how excited they are for you to be a part of their family. That is all everyone cares about over there. The football environment is great. They have a lot of tradition over there too. I did not even know about all of their tradition until I got there."

The facilities also stood out.

"That is what impressed me the most, were the athletic facilities. Their IPF blew me away. Everything is all together. Their facilities are amazing."

There were a total of 16 recruits in town last weekend and the 6' 0" cornerback bonded with a few of them.

"Me and Dele Junaid kicked it off real good. Big D.T. Shackelford and I hung out a lot too. I became friends with all of the recruits in the secondary. We were all talking about making a big impact as soon as possible. Dele, Frank (Crawford), and Artice (Kellam) were also committed to Ole Miss, and they all play in the secondary, so we had something in common off of the bat. I also talked a lot to Marlon Brown. We actually exchanged phone numbers."

What did Coach Nutt have to say to Ryan during the one on one meeting?

"He just told me that I am a big CB that can do some things that some of his others can not because of my height. He likes my instincts, speed, and size. Like I said, Coach Nutt is a class act. I love him. He is the best college coach in the country, in my opinion."

Does this mean the Columbus native reaffirmed his commitment?

"Oh yea, there were not any problems before I came on the visit, and there are certainly not any problems now. I started with Ole Miss, and I am ending with Ole Miss. I feel like they got the players and the staff to get to Atlanta, and I want to win."

Will Ryan still visit Miami on the 30th?

"No, I think I am done. I talked it over with my mother, and I do not think I am taking anymore visits now."

Campbell led the City of Columbus (GA) in interceptions with 10 for the 2008 season.

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