Lonnie Pryor joining rotation in 09'

After numerous unofficial visits to Florida State, Lonnie Pryor made his official visit this past weekend. NoleDigest caught up with the longtime Seminole fan and commitment to get his thoughts on the weekend, as well as to get his thoughts on how his recruitment process went for him.

By now every Florida State fan knows who Lonnie Pryor is. Two summers ago Pryor came to FSU's camp and starred, leaving an impression on the coaching staff. After a superb junior season Lonnie began garnering interest from some of the top BCS programs, including FSU. Lonnie always made it clear that the Seminoles were his long-time favorite school as he said there was little doubt he'd end up there. After he was made a top priority at running back for the 2009 recruiting class for the Noles Pryor made his commitment known before the start of his senior season.

Since then Lonnie has been to FSU on numerous occasions; from camps to Showtime, and from home and away games, Lonnie was usually in some form checking out FSU or making a visit. Last weekend he made his long anticipated official visit. He told NoleDigest it was exactly what he had expected.

"The visit was great," said Pryor. "I've done everything and seen everything at FSU. The one thing I really haven't done is the academic side of things, so that is what I did on my visit. We looked over the classes I probably will take in the fall and I signed some of the necessary paperwork that needed to be done for when I get there."

The visit for Lonnie was an opportunity for him to come to Tallahassee, hang out and enjoy his time in town. He said he got a chance to speak to all of the coaches, primarily his future position coach Dexter Carter.

"I met with and hung out with all of the coaches," explained Pryor. "Coach Bowden, Coach Fisher, Coach Coley, Tony P. and Coach Carter; I hung out with them all which was great. Coach Carter talked to me for the first time about playing time. He was telling me how they want a 2-3 back rotation and that I have a good chance to come and play early. He said that it'll take hard work and that I will need to learn the offense but that I will see time next year. That is good because that is what I wanted to hear. I'd prefer to not redshirt. If they decide to then I will have a full year to get stronger and all, but I feel like I'll be ready when I get there this summer."

"I also watched a little bit of film," continued Lonnie about his discussion with Coach Carter. "He was showing me some different formations and stuff like that. It's not the first time I've done that, but it was the first time my dad and mom got a chance to see it and do it. My dad had a blast and had a lot of fun."

Normally the coaches at FSU will try to pair up recruits with players that play the same position. Over the weekend Pryor was hosted by All-American lineman Rodney Hudson. In listening to Lonnie it would've been hard for him to have a better host.

"Rodney Hudson was my host over the weekend," stated Pryor. "I hung out with linemen the whole time I was there. I had to hang out with the guys who will be protecting me in the future (laughs). I also hung out with Henry (Orelus) and John (Prior). It was a blast hanging out with them and we all got along really well."

Overall the visit was great for Pryor, and now he has his sights set on making it official when Signing Day comes on February 4th.

"I love FSU and I can't wait to get there," said Pryor. "I'm getting my number 24 which is cool. They surprised us with our jerseys in the lockeroom. I got so excited when I saw it I put it right on."

"Just getting the chance to talk to the coaches again and hanging out with the players and stuff like that made this visit great for me," continued Scout.com's 19th rated running back. "I cannot wait until I sign. It is going to be a good day for me because it's like a culmination of everything I've done. I'm truly blessed to have my dream of playing for FSU come true. We are going to be really good in the near future."

Stay tuned to NoleDigest for further updates with Lonnie, as well as the rest of the 2009 recruiting class while we track their recruitment as Signing Day approaches.

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