Catching Up with Dominic Clarke recently talked with Tuscarora High School (Frederick, MD) star athlete and Ohio State commitment Dominic Clarke. You led your team to its first ever playoff appearance, how was that experience?

Clarke: It was great. We wanted to win states but first time playoffs ever for our school that was a good season. How was the recruiting experience, who offered you first?

Clarke: University of Virginia was first. Coach (Anthony) Poindexter would come to my school a lot. He is a real good guy. Then next was Maryland and Ohio State University third. I went to Ohio State and really liked it. I didn't want to commit on the spot so I came home to think about it. But then I went on an academic tour there. I woke up the second day and knew that this is where I want to be. So I told my parents about it and I committed. What position will you play there?

Clarke: I will be playing cornerback. That's where I will start. You excelled as a returner and runner in high school as well. Would you like the opportunity to play offense?

Clarke: Oh yeah. I would like to play offense or special teams. I just want to get on the field to be honest. Where ever that is it doesn't matter I just want to get on the field. You were selected for the inaugural Crab Bowl (Maryland State All-Star game). How was that experience?

Clarke: Well first, it was a great honor to be with the best players in Maryland, some of the best players in the nation actually. And many underrated players with great talent. It was a good opportunity and great experience. Someone thought I was one of the best in Maryland and gave me an opportunity to play. It was a chance to go up against the best and measure where you are as a player. So it was a real honor to be there. What do you want Ohio State fans to know about Dominic Clarke?

Clarke: That I am a legitimate student-athlete. I will get good grades and play good football. I do hope to make it to the NFL one day so I will always be working hard.

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