Tide-Gator Battle for Elite '10 WR

Jeremy Richardson, wide receiver from Springville, Ala., has received three SEC scholarship offers. He was in Tuscaloosa for the Tide's Junior Day as he discussed the campus experience.

"The visit to Alabama was great," said Jeremy Richardson. "The visit was better than all the other trips I have had down there. They showed me the practice fields, the equipment rooms and the dorms."

"Everything was very nice. I also saw the academic center and where the players eat. It was real cool. I like it a lot down there."

"Alabama is a real nice place. It's a great place to go to. The stadium is going to seat 101,000 people. I think it's going to be real nice."

"We saw the training room, and it's real nice. They have the pools and tubs for the players. The weight room is excellent. The apartments and dorms are real nice. I would like to go to a place like that."

Richardson spent a lot of time with the Tide coaching staff, and they emphasized their need for playmaking receivers.

"Of course I spoke with coach [Curt] Cignetti," he said. "I talked with coach Bobby Williams and coach Nick Saban as well. Coach Cignetti pretty much tells me he wants me down there to be on the other side of Julio [Jones]. They need more skill players. That is what he was saying."

"Coach Saban was saying the same thing. They just need more skill players. He was asking me who my top schools were and what all other sports I play. I just like them because whenever you need something they are right there for you. They can always help you."

"It's pretty much the atmosphere," Richardson said of what impresses him about the Alabama program. "When I went to the basketball game the atmosphere there was great. The people there I didn't know saying I need to come. They showed us the academic center. They have rooms where tutors go one-on-one with the players."

"They have a great coaching staff. They will teach you anything you want to know. Coach Cignetti was really teaching us. He was showing us different routes, what we need to do and what we don't need to do."

"Right now Alabama is probably my No. 1 or No. 2 spot school. It's Alabama-Florida. I like LSU, Georgia, Florida State and Auburn."

"I don't have anything else scheduled. Alabama is having another one [Jr. Day] next month. I am supposed to go down to Florida and LSU."

The Gators have made the list of schools Richardson has high interest.

"I haven't really been down to Florida yet," he said. "They came to the school last week around Wednesday. They seem like nice people. The got all my information."

"They told me they would try to get the receivers the ball. They would have five receivers out most of the time. They only have one man in the backfield. They are trying to get receivers the ball. It would be good place to go. I haven't really seen the locker rooms or anything."

Richardson has more than enough time to whittle a list, take visits, etc. as a class of 2010 prospect. No early decision is expected at this point.

"I don't really know when anything will happen," he said. "I will say that I have been thinking about it lately. I still just have offers from Alabama, Auburn and LSU."

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