Houston Finds A Friendly Face In Nutt

For Stephen Houston the chance to play for a friendly face was too much to pass up on. Houston talks about his exciting day as he signed his national letter of intent.

Stephen Houston is no stranger to Ole Miss head coach Houston Nutt. While they share a common name the coach and new player have a relationship that goes back to Nutt's coaching days at Arkansas.

"I'm from Little Rock, Arkansas and moved here when I was a sophomore before going back for my junior year. Houston Nutt has been recruiting me since I was a freshman and he's stuck with me and I can't wait to get there and play in the SEC."

While the day is one Houston will always remember he also knew the day was about all the guys he competed against within his conference.

"I'm happy for everybody that has had the chance to sign with a school today. I want to thank God, my parents for being there for me with all their support, and my teammates, Coach Larry Cox and all the assistant coaches as well."

Houston has always dreamed of playing in the SEC but for a different team.

"I always wanted to play in the SEC. But I always dreamed I'd be playing for Tennessee. But that didn't happen and I'm very excited about being at Ole Miss."

While Houston knows there is work still to be done, he knows the clock is ticking down to when he'll report to campus.

"I'll be reporting it looks like at the end of July. We've not set any schedule at this time but I'll continue to work hard in the classroom to get ready."

Once he reports what does Houston expect from the coaches?

"I'll be a running back and have a chance to compete early for playing time on special teams. I just want to report and work hard for playing time."

While Houston may have gone under the recruiting radar it wasn't from a lack of talent. Having only been in Ohio for his senior year since leaving the state a couple of years ago, Houston proved to be a big-back with power and speed on the field.

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